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MessageHi there
I came across your blog one day last year when searching for baby clothes for sale here in the UK! But how glad I was, I couldn't stop reading it, and every once in a while I dip into it to see progress. I was so excited when I read that you had finally made it to China and now have Maisy in your arms, she is heaven, and you yourselves must feel you are in that special place too.
Well done, and thanks for providing some warm and enjoyable reading during my coffee breaks here at work.
All the best
Lizzy smilie

NameRob, Kim, Tony & John
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MessageCongratulations to you both, she is so beautiful. Best Wishes from all of us north of the border and have a safe journey home. I'll have a glass of HP in your honour.

As for Ed being overworked, we are still waiting to see anything happen here!!! smilie

NameLisa Smith
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MessageCongratulations Eammon & Lisa!!! I'm so glad you guys finally made it over there to get your little one. Maisie is adorable. We're all anxious back home at the Depot to get to meet her as soon as she's ready to meet us.

And yes, Eammon, with your departure, Ed actually has to work again. I think he's losing more hair by the hour. By the time you return to the office, he should be completely bald. smilie

Have a safe trip home and we'll see you soon!

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MessageCongratulations. She looks great! Eammon, no more shirtless shots please though. The poor kid will think she's going to the Himalayas to live with a tribe of Yeti.

By the way, Watford is trying out a Polish striker from the French league who hasn't scored all year smilie I kid you not.

Congratulations again and give a shout when you're back in town.

p.s. Get your carcass back here to work. I'm busy smilie

NameNorma Loewen
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MessageWhat an adorable girl you have! I'm so happy for you. I hope the rest of your trip goes well.

NameCindy Leger
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MessageCongrats on your Maisie Day.....she is soooo cute!!! Looking forward to following your journey and reliving the experience of a life will be a year next month that we went to China....I have no idea where the time has gone!!! Enjoy!!! smilie

NameRon & Jill Shelby
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MessageThank you for letting us tag along on your journey. We also will be in China at the same time. We leave on Saturday. I am part of the Aug DTC group and it is amazing to see all these families come together. Best wishes with Little Masie!

NameSandy & Allan Sanger
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MessageWe just received an e-mail from Carl on your wonderful news. Maisie is adorable. We will certainly miss you in Aruba this year but could not be happier for you both. Have a safe flight and we'll be looking forward to getting to know all about you new daughter. Are you still coming to visit us in May 2007? We know your holidays will be extra special this year.
Sandy & Allan

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MessageWhat a beauty! We used CCAI to bring home our Marcie, and we've been home for three months. Your great adventure has really just begun. . .
Karen in San Diego

NameKathy M
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MessageAs a fellow CCAI parent, I have been viewing your webpage from the proud parent section and I'm thrilled to see your adorable baby!!! Love her big eyes and adorable heart shaped face!!! Lots of Luck and Love to your family,
Kathy, Keith and Ami..

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