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MessageWe met a Donna's potluck a couple of weeks ago.
(We are Sheridan's parents). I follow the Salsa twins and imagine my surprise when I saw you and Maisie! Time to add you to my blogroll.

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MessageHey Lisa,
Long time lurker-first time posting. Love your blog-Maisie is adorable.

NameSusie P.
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MessageHey Lisa, just making sure that I sign your guestbook cause now I read your blog a lot. smilie

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MessageMy son and daughter-in-law are now working on their papers for adopting a little girl from China. I am so excited but they told me it will probably be 2 years. That almost seems impossible to wait that long. Anyway, your daughter is adorable. Tell you husband i like Fulham FC. Best Wishes

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We will be going to China within a few weeks to collect our adopted son from Wanzhou SWI.
So I checked your website out of curiosity. You have a very sweet daughter!

best regards

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MessageHi Guys

We found out little over 4 hours ago that we have a daughter!
She is residing at the Wan Zhou SWI in Chongqing.
I have seen that you adopted the gorgeous Maisie from there.
Do you happen to have any photos of Wanzhou or the orphanage you could send me?

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MessageCongratulations on your new little one! She is absolutely adorable! We are in the process of adopting as well we currently have two boys 16 & 9. My friend shared your blog with us and it was so nice to know that there is a wonderful end to a very long wait. Enjoy every minute - they grow up so fast! I can't wait until we are sending pictures of our new little one as well!


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MessageHey guys,
I don't know if you remember us or not. We met at the breakfast buffet at the hotel in Beijing. We hadn't got Kelly yet so all we did during breakfast was stare at Maisie. She is so beautiful. Ron said I just hope Kelly is as cute as Maisie. And of course, we think she is.

I just did an search on our orphange and found your site. Weird since Kelly and Maisie our not from the same province.

Hope everything is going good for you.

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MessageWelcome Maise Miao Shanahan!! You have two, fantastic parents who are going to spoil you forever. I can't wait to introduce myself to you in Aruba (The Friendly Island) this coming December. This is the island where your Mommy and I first met and became good friends! I've seen your pictures and you are one, beautiful little angel! I heard you are attached to Mommy like Velcro. That's okay because someday, you are going to discover how "cool" it's going to be when you let yourself "free" and Mommy will be racing around the house (smiling and laughing, of course) as she runs after you, zig-zagging through your toys. So, enjoy!

Lisa and Eammon -- No, I didn't forget you both. Again, congrats! You are going to be the best parents ever! Your life is going to be filled with so much joy, happiness, excitement, and fond memories. I enjoyed your pictures through China and can't wait to take my pictures of you three in Aruba. And most of all, I look forward to hearing, "Lisa, Lisa, followed by all the oohs and aahs. Love you all!

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MessageCouldn't comment on your site as the verification field was just a text box with no actual letters to enter.

Sorry to hear that you are still feeling punky but glad that Maisie and Eammon are doing better. I expect if you didn't have your adorable girl it would be difficult to get you to rest no matter how you felt so Yay Maisie! Though I am a stranger, you seem like a friend to me and I have been hoping you were much better. Looks like it will take a bit of time.

Eager to offer advice that you probably don't need -- have you tried one of the versions of exersaucer to give you a few minutes of hands free time? You could try her out in several of her playmates versions and see if she liked them. In addition, beloved grandson found the vibrating chair soothing. They either love them or hate them so' again' it helps if you can try out someone elses before investing. My daughter clearly knew that the 'Johnny Jump Up' chair I installed in the doorway for her enjoyment was left over from the Spanish Inquisition. (No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Thanks for taking the time and energy to post, I have been thinking of you often and was delighted to find the update.

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