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NameChristina Miller
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MessageWow! I love your blog! Now that I know you have such an awesome garden growing so close to me, I will have to pay you some neighborly visits. smilie

MessageFor the longest time, I did not realize that we had Chinese girls in common. I just read your Maisie eats Bento blog and loved it. Recently, she had her picture in for the Easter thingie and I thought oh, wow. I have 2 Chinese nieces from two of my sisters. Meg is almost 4 and Stella Frances just turned 2. I was fortunate to be able to go with my sister when she got the two year old. What a wonderful experience. Your daughter is beautiful. And the Disney Cruise looked wonderful. No wonder you haven't had a bento blog up lately!!

NameLorraine Pineda
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MessageI have been following your blog for years. Daphne Jones gave me your name back when we were both awaiting our referral - just about the time the big slowdown started. At the time, we tried to put everything on the back burner and try not to let the waiting and yearning to have our daughter rule our lives. But I followed your blog religously because it was just nice to know someone else really knew what I was going through. I remember one time you said you just broke down and didn't think you could take it anymore. I so related to that.

When you got your referral, it was exciting to me too because that gave me hope that our adoption would actually happen. We've been home with our daughter Samantha since July 4, 2007. She has been our greatest joy and the center of our lives since then.

Life has been so busy that I haven't returned to your blog in awhile and happened across it the other day.

Maisie is just beautiful and she looks so very happy, all of you do. Her outfits are just too cute, I love them! What a difference from the little girl you first brought home, huh?

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for keeping this blog. It really helped me through the long wait to referral time.

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NameLisa L.
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MessageHi- We recently returned from China with our now 16 month old daughter. Our daughter is having a lot of trouble sleeping through the night. I remember reading your blog way back when you first returned from China. I think that Maisie also had sleeping troubles. Wondering if you could email me and give me some advice on what you did to help your daughter achieve sound sleep throughout the night. thanks in advance ~Lisa in Virginia

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MessageI remember that gorgeous lil' face from "a story of you" or some other referral celebration blog. Ain't she just beautiful! Lucky you and Lucky Maisie!!!

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