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MessageI am happy to say the guestbook is now working. The host finally fixed it.

Private Message added 2014-08-11

NameGunter Pfaff
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MessageHey man - we worked together for a while at Trans Radio in Boston and I would love to hear from you. Hanging my shingle in souther CA right now getting ready to launch a new gizmo for people to eat healthier and having as much fun being "retired" and 81 as you seem to be having still working at 80. Heard your interview with CBC and congratulate you to a life well lived - though not done.
Take Care - hope this gets to you.....gunter

NameD Holmes
MessageI had the pleasure of meeting Caroll when visiting the set many years ago. It was so much fun talking to Big Bird as Oscar and seeing the smile on his face!
The remarkable character he has created and lived for so many years has kept so many of us enthralled and loving to watch to see what happens next.
THANK you all for what you do and for making a great "television show".

NamePamela Y Greer
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MessageThank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I saw you guys in Champaign-Urbana and I decided to check out your website and blog. It is wonderful!

It's fabulous to know that there are others who appreciate this remarkable man - Mr. Spinney [& his lovely wife] and the amazing world of Sesame Street!

I sooooooo look forward to seeing the documentary: I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story.

Continued Success as you celebrate this exquisite gem!

Pam smilie smilie

Private Message added 2012-11-26

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MessageJust wanted to say it was wonderful meeting you today at the Fabric Stash in Charlton. You are an extrodinary man. So many talents. God Bless you and your wife. Thank you for the beautiful Christmas Card.

NameMG Page
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MessageYou are a true blessing, Mr. Spinney, I am almost 40 and I LOVE ELMO and Sesame Street! God is using you to show the world His Love. God bless you.

NameDena (Delaney) Boylan
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MessageHello Caroll and friends !
This is Dena , Bob and Brenda's oldest daughter. I grew up at Solair and have fond memories of it all. Sort of growing up with your kids and all.
Just wanted to say hello and hope that you are enjoying the recent Media attention.
Take care

NamePam Zide
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MessageI met Caroll at my parents truck stop when he was Mr.Lion on Bozo in Boston. He became a big part of our lives, visiting our house, eating at the diner when in town. Oscar was designed after my dad John Kendall (go ahead you can ask him). Mom & dad are gone now, but I think of Caroll quite often especially when I see something about Sesame Street (which both my boys watched when they were young). If you happen to get in touch with him please tell him I say hello. My brothers are both still in MA and I live in NM.When we get together we talk about the night we "discovered" Mr. Lion!
Pam Kendall Zide

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