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Private Message added 2006-08-20

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MessageThis is by far the best horned lizard site out there. Thank you mark for putting it together. Im glad i ffound it so i could do all my research.
Amazing site!!! smilie smilie smilie

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MessageI'm gald to have found a site like this, because it will help me with my new HL. Thanks for keeping up this site. Many, I'm betting, are grateful. smilie

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MessageMy son found our Phrynosoma in Campo, California. (San Diego, California)

It has been with us for over a month now. I buy him (I think it's a him) 15-20 large crickets every 3-4 days. I started with medium size crickets but he ate those so quickly.

I bought calcium enriched sand for his 10 gallon aquarium. I filled a plastic lid with water and my son used a 60 watt black light bulb at first. Now he he has a 75 watt nocturnal infrared heat lamp and tonight I spent another $40.00 on a special UVB light that he needs in replace of the natural sun.

He is really tame now. When I get home from work I wash my hands with antibacterial soap and hot water. I dry my hands well and I always talk to him and let him know I am home. I carefully slide my fingers into the sand under his belly and slowly lift him out of his aquarium. I take him outside and sit in part sun part shade and I hold him in my hand in the sunlight. Or I let him lay on my lap, arm, shoulder, chest, neck,anywhere that my skin feels warm he'll stay. When he is on my lap once he gets comfortable he takes off up my front to my shoulder. He is trying to escape but I carefully catch him and gently place him on my lap or I cup my hand over him when he reaches my shoulder so he can't see to go on.

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MessageThis has gotta be the best Horned lizard site on the web! It is sooo very easy to follow, and soooo helpfull!!!! smilie

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MessageThank you for this excellent information. We have short-horned lizards in our backyard, and my daughter caught one and wanted to keep it as a pet, but your website has been very helpful in understanding the challenges of feeding them and keeping them healthy.

NameAmy Cross
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Messagewonderful site! glad you posted in the kingsnake forum about this! I will check back often!

NameKyle Carter
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MessageVery informative site! smilie

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MessageThis site is absolutely wonderful! My hat is off to all of you who are involved. I am a new "once inexperienced, now getting experienced" HL owner and Je has helped TREMENDOUSLY with everything. I wanted one of these as a child, finally found some in a local pet shop. I followed the path that most new HL owners do... Ending up with a very delicate reptile not knowing it and being misinformed about the high level of care they need. Day by day I learn more. They are wonderful little creatures and it makes me happy that I am not the only one who thinks so. smilie

NameBill Berrian
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MessageGreat site! I have a horned lizard that my daughter gave me in July 2003. I would like to find another one but they are hard to find in Nothwest Florida.

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