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MessageHi All, please post questions on the forum (link on home page). I don't check this very often. Thanks for visiting!

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NameLisa Creps
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MessageJust looking.<:

NameSamantha C.
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MessageThis info will be very helpful. I have a horned lizard, caught recently. He seems to not be eating, but I will keep a good eye on him. He sometimes like crickets, but prefers ants. I need an easier way to catch ants for him. Any advice on food? smilie smilie

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MessageYo guys just saying hello. I am trying to score grub for my little guys.

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MessageYour information has been wonderful...I wrote you on another site and thanks to you my Harold is well and doing GREAT. Thanks for all you do.... smilie smilie smilie

NameJohn AKA: Zonata
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MessageAwesome site Mark! smilie I'm sure my friend Bruce (Strickdistance) will be spending a lot of time researching HL's on your site. I can remember finding Coastal HL's as a kid in Bakersfield at CSUB. Today that area of town has grown incrediably. The loss of habitat and prey because of agriculture, developement, feral cats, and invasive species of fireants has done a number on America's favorite lizards. At one time, many years ago, I had collected HL's for the Coalinga Chamber of Commerce for their Annual Horned Toad Derby each year. At the end of the weekend's festivities, I'd take them back to where I caught them and turn them loose. While working at the California Living Museum years ago, as one of their zookeepers, I kept them in our outdoor desert tortoise exhibit with great success. HL's (horny toads) still have a special place in my heart and I hope that something can be done to bring their numbers back in what little habitat they have left.

NameCheyenne Daniel
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MessageSpike was found near Lake Ivey close to San Angelo, Texas. He is an adult, but we haven't been able to entice him/her to eat. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We live in the Hill Country area of Texas (70 miles west of Austin, Texas.

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