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NameD'Anira Fish
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MessageI am the great great grand daughter of Howland Fish and Eliza Frothingham . my great grandfather was Frothingham Fish my grandfather was Leonard Frothingham Fish and my father was Howland Leonard Fish.
I'm wondering was this the Eliza Frothingham from your family line?
I recently visited Fultonville, Ny . looking for my ancestors and found Many Fish Family monuments there at the old fultonville cemetery.
I have no other information except that which I have been able to find with
I'm curious to see some ancient pics of Eliza Frothingham or her father.

NameRobert Archbald Busser
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MessageAs a desendant of Agusta Frothingham and James Archbald I am also the owner of a slant-front desk attributed to Thomas Frothingham. The desk is similar to the slant-front Frothingham desks in the Garvin collection at Yale and in the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

NameMichael A. Dexter
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MessageMy mother was Kathleen Frothingham, daughter of Walter Frothingham of New Hampshire. She had 2 brothers, Walter and Charles who of course were my uncles.
My mother married Richard Darwin Dexter.

NameMatthew Hodgson
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MessageSee our link about Frothingham success and the Yorkshire Taste awards here in the UK. If we get lots of interest from the Frothingham family may be one day we will be able in distribute this wonderful beer in the U.S.
See our site
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NameBarbara Bowman Paine
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MessageI am through the Frothinghams and Hunnewells to the Bowman's and Ripley's. I found the preface page to your relationship to the Frothinghams interesting and put another piece of this puzzle we call family into perspective.

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NameBarbara Bowman Pincus Paine
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MessageI've just started researching my Frothingham ties and find it very interesting. I am related to the Hunnewell-Frothinghams and the Bowman-Howe-Hunnewell-Frothinginghams. (I know this sounds terribly long and complicated). I now reside in Avon CT and my grandfather was Ripley Bowman; great-grandfather was Charles Abel Bowman who married Maud Ripley and then the Frothinghams and Hunnewells kick in. If anyone can fill me in I would be grateful.

NameMichael Frothingham
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MessageMichael John Frothingham Born 7-11-1966

Son of John Stewart Frothingham Born May 30th, 1939

Grandfather was Clark B. Frothingham Born 1911

All Chicago area.

NameGary Klein
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MessageMy father's middle name was Frothingham. His full name was Spencer Frothingham Klein.
I have a photo in my family ablumn of one Harry A. Frothingham, taken August 16, 1917. He appears to be wearing a military uniform, and I can see Captain's bars on his shoulder.
My father was born in Rutherford, N.J. in 1913.
Do you think we might be somehow related?

Gary Klein

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