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NameMildred siciliano
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MessageLooking to adopt adult Dandie Dinmont. Lost my baby after 13 years .Adopted her in Atlanta .She was the sweetest dog ever and perfect for me. I am a senior citizen and walking her 3 or 4 times a Day was a joy

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MessageOur sweet Murphy Boy passed away this morning, probably from a stroke. He was the kindest, loving, always wanting to please dog we've ever had. Please don't let the Dandies become extinct. They are so special!

NameKatherine Mosley
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MessageP.S. I apologize. I should have given credit to The rescue association that allowed Crackie to find me. It was having an event at the PetSmart in Clear Lake, near Houston, Tx.. We were acquiring food & passed by the animals offered.
I saw a small dog, seemingly a Llahsa/Terrier mix like I was buying for. A yellow dog,(later I found, mustard) I immediately noticed his old soul eyes. My heart jumped & I knew he was mine. My husband did not agree. However, when I attempted to return him to his cage, he splayed his front legs. No way! I laughed & returned him to hiding under my chin. My husband knew he had been overruled & we joyfully chose things our Crackie would need. When we let him shop for a bed, he ran & jumped into a big poofed up one & I knew that "No" would forever be a tough word to employ. It was rarely neccesary.
I later discovered that a friend of mine found him. There had been abuse & Crackie came at his own pace. Sensing his needs & at times what I called "strength of character", he showed me the gifts that time & patience brought. He & our other sweetness were fabulous friends, a constant source of entertainment & discovery.
Yet Crackie was my heart. After my husband passed, soon did the Llahsa. Crackie became my "dog of a lifetime" as my vet so appropriately opined. He is acutely missed now as he passed of old age but it seems, another bestest buddy is still looking for me.
I can wait. Though rarely their choice, their timing is excellent.

NameKatherine Mosley
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MessageI had wondered if my Dandie was unusual.I see that he is not. It seems he was very much the breed. However, I can stand too close. Unique, well mannered, soulful, tough, hilarious, highly intelligent, considerate & tidy are not exactly traits assigned to canine companions.
I breathe hard when I see the articles on their rarity getting more rare. It frightens me. More should know This terrier that is endowed a tartan of his own.
Did I buy my sweet from a breeder? No. He was a rescue. He found me that way.
Praise God he found me at all. I will be forever grateful & begging for more.

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MessageWe lost our Lucky earlier this year, and would like to adopt another Dandie.

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MessageI would love to give a home to a Dandie. Please contact me if you know of any that need a home. I could foster also.

NameLinda Holder
MessageHi. I am fostering a rescue dog that is a little perplexing to me. I usually foster Cairns and we were told he was a Cairn mix but he is very different. When I took him to the groomer yesterday she told me he was a Dandie Dinmont and his personality and body is very similar to the description. I would love to send you a picture to see if you agree.

NameLeDeane Stewart
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MessageDandies are just the best. I adopted a Dandie from this group in 2009. Davidson was a wonderful little guy. He was liberated from the puppy mill on February 14, 2009 and I had to let him go to Rainbow Heaven on February 14, 2017. I will definitely get another Dandie sometime in the not-so-distant future.

NameDennis Przybycien
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MessageHello: We recently lost our 15 yr old Shiz Ziu, and are looking for a new dog. The Dandies look interesting. We would like a spayed female on the your and small side of the breed.

We live in Sonoma Ca and have a large fenced yard, and secure dog house and run for a new dog. The new girl would spend most of her time with us whether we are inside or out.

What are some of the traits that make a Dandie a good pet? Are any available and what is the cost?

Thank you, Dennis Przybycien / [email protected] / 707 933 0224

NameDavid Rowe
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MessageThe Dandie Dinmont Terrier is I believe endangered smilie

I have a medium Wire haired Dachshund and would love a companion for her the companion mustt be a rescue dog.

Any help suggestions please?

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