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MessageSo Much I did not know and the entire process that goes along w rescue, medical Tx as well ! Thank you for sharing , I have loved the Dandie and all dogs my entire life.. I owned a Peek-a-poo for 16 years before she went to doggie heaven but she gave me such joy, peace and laughter, I gave her a loving , happy home , peace of mind and many toys, #spoiledtodeath 😊 !!! After 6 years I am ready to finally own a dog again ... Again, Ty for the education of rescue and all that goes w it !!

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MessageI will be retiring in Milford Ohio in late April and have been wanted a dandi forever. I would be willing to rescue, to foster and/or keep one or two dandi's. I will have a fenced in yard for him/her or them. There is 1 other dog and 2 cats, an 8 year old, 16 year old, my daughter and her husband. we are animal lovers, to say the least. Buying a dandi is out of my budget but rescuing/fostering would be something I would definitely want to do. Please keep me in mind for any time from May 1st on - please, please, please.

NameJoanne wiod
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MessageHi this is that you I am wha hi this is a Joanne wood . We used to have attended the moment who live to 15 years old his name was Pepe westwell water boat man . And we've heard about your finger do you have rehoming and we would be very interested in rehoming one and if ever one come available. As we've always like the dandy Dinmont and Pepe Live for 15 years and I met a few people today that I've got a rescue dog of yourself I think they giving you my details but I would be very interested in us rehoming one . Would love to hear from you regards Joanne wood

NameBarbara Anderson
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Message"Mom" to rescue Dandies Buster and Ginger. Sadly, I lost Ginger this past summer but Buster is hale and hearty at 14! He is my heart dog! I have had terriers all of my life, but never a Dandie. I will never be without one!

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MessageI fell in love with the Dandies watching the Westminster Dog Show a few years ago. I found the price of one from a breeder was over my budget so I turned to the Rescue Group. They were able to help me get a little Mill Rescue girl. Jacolyn specifically was instrumental in arranging the adoption and delivery to me in Denver via Pilots 'n Paws. My little girl arrived as a broken soul not even wanting to come out of her crate. She had minimal muscle tone in her legs and knew nothing about stairs. She had been shaved in order to get rid of the mats in her hair. With a lot of love and attention, she began to turn around and is now a delightful little girl with a huge ego and appetite to match.

I cannot say enough good things about the DDTRL and the work they do. Although separated geographically, they are able to work together to make sure no little Dandie is denied a life full of love. I also love the newsletter Din 'n Wit and the annual calendar which are labors of love by Bronnie.

This group goes above and beyond to make sure each little Dandie goes to a loving forever home.

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