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NameParvin Ali
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MessageI worked with East Africa airways late 70'S. Was based in Nairobi, Kenya.
Wondeful times living in East Africa.
Im in the far right in the picture below.

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NameGeorge Banks
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MessageI did not work for EAA but worked briefly as Duty Officer at Dobbs Catering LHR and we catered the EAA super VC10 every night. I was often the only person in the unit waiting to hear if the SVC10 had pushed back as it was the last flight of the day. If it went technical I had to call Mr Finlay (the EAA LHR Catering Officer) who was at the Skyline hotel bar and ask him if he wanted the Flight recatered for the morning andwhat with? If he was agreeable we could switch the catering already on board, around ,and dry ice. If not we had to call staff in and work all night preparing new meals! I am the author of the book Gourmet and Glamour in the sky...A life in Airline catering and there are pictures of EAA memorabilia including a fan which says “eight miles a minute on the EAA Comet”. I joined British Caledonian in April 73 then British Airways and Emirates before retiring after 45 years but always loved covering East Africa, Seychelles, Zambia and South Africa for BR BA and EK.

NameWilliam Scott Fraser
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MessageSorry forgot to put my Dads name,
William John Fraser,
any info would be gratefully appreciated.

NameWilliam Scott Fraser
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MessageHi, there my Late father worked EAA during the fifties would love to see any pic's from back them and any info about my dad thanks.

Namemartha kinsley used to be jones
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Messagei joioned east african airways 1960 teddy,nuru ismail una buchanan lucy semakala anita and a few others we were the first local girls to be selected to join eaac trained at embakasi by roger gosling chief stewardess was julia jonesi now live in kent i smilie

NameHesse C Mhango
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MessageWas with EAA from October 1965 till finito, 1977. Worked in Traffic Department at Dar airport and briefly at Kilimanjaro.

If you were a captain on the fleet, chances are I must have completed one or two weight and balance documents which you had to sign before take off.

Best wishes to all you good people.

NameMike Madin
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MessageSorry, forgot the email address in case anyone can help me.
[email protected]

NameMike Madin
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MessageHi, I was on r&r out of the copperbelt first week of May 1972 and flew out of Entebbe on an EAA Twin Otter to Paraa Lodge in the Murchison Falls, N. Park.
Canadian Captain and just 4 of us as pax. He buzzed the Lodge and dropped us off then headed back to Entebbe. We sat at the grass strip for a couple of hours in the cab of the old red Bedford fire truck.
The lodge apparently did not hear him buzz them and they only found out when they radioed Entebbe to find out where we were. Great weeks holiday at the lodge( magnificent old bulls skull with mounted tusks in the reception) spoiled by security in Entebbe taking the film from my camera on the way out.
The reason for the rambling post; is there anyone out there who can give me the gps coordinates of the old grass strip which Paraa Lodge used before they built the one they use now.
Thanking you all in anticipation.
I also lived and worked in Kisuma, before, during and after the break up. Wonderful memories

NameChris Duirs
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MessageMy father, Bill Duirs, flew with EAA for some years in the 1960s. DC3, Twin Otter. F27 and SVC10 before moving on to Gulf (Aviation) Air.
Bill retired in 1984 from Gulf and died in New Zealand in 2010: I'd appreciate any photos, or memorabilia that anyone could let me have regarding his time with EAA.
We were a Kenya family from way back, Bill having flown with Campling and Wilson after WWII, farmed in Molo/Turi and done some hours during the Emergency with KPAW.

NameProf.Dr.Gabor A. BALINT
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MessageAt the beginning of the 1970s and onwards, we, - together with my family,- used to use quite a number of times the EAA. ( In those years I was a member of staff of the Makerere University Medical School, Kampala. Nice old times...) EAA was a reliable and
good airlines. It's a pity that it was closed, BUT
at the present time Kenya Airways ( KQ ) what I
use now is a very good and high level replacement.

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