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NameLoic Jacob
Locationclick picture for more information
We sailed onSwan, sail training vessel
From... To... Shetland to Norway via Denmark
PurposeCrewing for Nordisk Seilas
MessageI was volunteer crew on board Swan with Rory as skipper and Linn as permanent crew. We had a great sail with lots of fun. Rory and Linn both were great at keeping the crew interested learning knots, steering and sail handling. As skipper and crew they were available if anyone needed help while encouraging the trainee crew to get to grips with the sailing, creating a great environment for learning how to sail. Friendly and approachable by sea and by land, they both ensured that it was a great trip. Thanks guys!

NameCallum Anderson
Locationclick picture for more information
We sailed onDa Swan
From... To... Lerwick to Denmark to Norway
PurposeSail Training Shetland/Nordisk Seilas
MessageI had a fine time sailing with Rory and his partner Linn. a great experience and I learned a lot thanks to Rory's teaching skills and knowledge. While this was valuable however what made the experience so memorable was their social and friendly personalities, and a clear interest in their jobs as they added numerous activities for the crew to the trip all of his own accord. Him and Linn worked together very well and it was professionally done, whilst not being strict or too serious. Overall a great experience, cheers Rory and Linn!

NameLeo Romanenko
Locationclick picture for more information
We sailed onClipper 68 CV3
From... To... Gosport - Cowes - Swanage - Cowes - Gosport
MessageRory was the first mate on this trip, and his knowledge of all aspects of sailing, together with his easy teaching style, made it a great pleasure to learn to sail under his instruction. He is a fantastic instructor & I would recommend him for courses at all levels!

NameBrian Peebles
Locationclick picture for more information
We sailed onClipper 68 CV3
From... To... Gosport - Cowes - Swanage - Cowes - Gosport
PurposeClipper Level 1 Training
MessageRory Johnson was the Mate on this trip. I found Rory to be a very sociable and humorous guy however more importantly his knowledge and skill set is of an exceptionally high standard. I would hope to sail with him again and would certainly recommend him to others.

NameWidar Stenfeldt
Locationclick picture for more information
We sailed onFox One
From... To... Newcastle Uk ,to Bergen, No
PurposeDelivery - Frakte min båt hjem
MessageI forbindelse med at jeg skulle ta min båt hjem til Norge fra England, tok jeg kontakt med Rory. Ettersom tidshorsonten var veldig stram så greidde han å få til å være med. Rory er en vennlig herre som er enkel å omgåes med, Han har mye erfaring og gode kunnskaper om båter. Overfarten fra Newcastle til Bergen tok 28 timer. Vi gikk våre vakter 4-4 under overfarten. Oppgavene delte vi imellom hverandre uten noe form for problemer. Så jeg kan anbefale han til andre som ønsker en profesjonell skipper eller mannskap til lingnede oppgaver. mvh Widar Stenfeldt

NameNick Dyson
Locationclick picture for more information
We sailed onClipper 68 'De Lage Landen'
From... To... Solent.. English Channel back and forth
PurposeClipper RTW Race training
MessageJust said goodbye to Rory after a weeks training in some pretty horrendous conditions in the English Channel. Have to say a big thank you to him as his charismatic teaching manner and depth of knowledge helped make it a big success and pull our crew through some tough times! Cheers buddy!

NameMari Norman
Locationclick picture for more information
We sailed onPalander
From... To... Brønnøysund to Træna
MessageThank you for a beautiful week and and for getting us safe througt the Helgeland coast's thousands of islands and rocks!
With a boat full of "landkrabber" I admire your teaching skills;)
Hope to sail with you again!

NameSanna Brattland
Locationclick picture for more information
We sailed onPalander
From... To... Brønnøysund to Træna, Træna to Meløy
PurposeInstructional cruise to a music festival
MessageRory was our skipper during a Seil Norge trip from Brønnøysund to Træna, and then further to Meløy – all in the North of Norway. He is a highly competent sailor, attentive leader, and excellent teacher. Due to his enthusiasm, patience, and personal interest in everything that sailing includes he creates a positive atmosphere for guests with and without sailing experience. It is evident that he knows and loves his job. Rory’s experience, knowledge and understanding of the elements around him allow him to be well prepared and at the same time able to quickly adjust to changing conditions. In addition, Rory is pleasant, cheerful, and well-informed – which makes him outstanding company. Despite cold and wet weather, we had an enjoyable journey inspiring dreams of further sailing adventures. Based on this trip I can give Rory my best recommendations.

NameSabrina Guelck
Locationclick picture for more information
We sailed onJeanneau Sun Odyssey 49
From... To... Croatia
PurposeThe Yacht Week
MessageRory was our skipper on The Yacht Week. He took us on a fantastic week long trip visiting some very beautiful islands along the Croatian coast. He did great job keeping an inexperienced crew relaxed, happy, and ensuring a safe journey for all of us. We've gotten to know him as a responsible and funny skipper and an awesome person to be around.
Many thanks for a great time!

NameJack Ndupuechi
Locationclick picture for more information
We sailed onBlackadder Clipper
From... To... Portsmouth - solent - channel islands
Purposerace training
Messagethanks for all your help during level 1 training... from newbies to compet on the 60 ft yacht, including a big force 8 on the first day out!
You did it all so calmly and clearly and interestingly that despite the fact we were out of our comfort zone at first, I soon couldnt wait to be asked to take up/down any sail/sheet/halyard whatsoever, and looked forward to any opportunity to clamber on deck in the heaving spray to earn another of your mythical gold stars!
Hopefully get to sail together again sometime soon :)

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