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NameTaylor (Chris) Collins
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MessageI was a Cub Scout and Boy Scout with Troop 7, where I earned by Bobcat, Arrow of Light, and Eagle.

I was on Staff at CFE the summers of 1979-81.

NameRian S. Hileman
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MessageHoping have correct site.....looking for a specific scout Mike Andrew 1992 t24 Unit leader D. Abbott we have some awards we think he may want back.

NameArt Bagley
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MessageSorry, forgot to mention a few things. I started out with Troop 23 in Sarasota around 1963. First camping trip was with cheap-o sleeping bag; temp dropped to 40 or lower first night out. UGH! Phil Cooper and Russell Johnson first Scoutmaster/Assist SM. Transferred to Troop 21 (First Christian Church downtown near Sarasota Motor Hotel) around 1965. It was Bernie Colville as ASM, not John Sr., tho his son was in 21. 2nd 100-mile canoe trip was on Santa Fe -- Suwannee system. Bass fishing all the way! Another 2-day canoe trip had us on the Withlacoochee, again, fishing for our dinner. One of those fantastic Florida summer rainstorms hit us around sundown. Cooking in pouring rain. Best tasting food ever -- bass and hush puppies -- after a blazin' hot day of river paddling. Left island camp around 10pm in pitch black night, got to carpark around 1am, and poor scoutmasters drove us all home, individually, that same very early morning! Dedication!!

NameArt Bagley
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MessageSo many great memories of Scouting in Sarasota. Earned Eagle with a great group of fellows -- from Troop 21: Edward "Ted" Jacobs, the McVay guys, Jim McBride, Chuck Swinehart, Velton Hodges, Brian Dilges (don't know if he attained Eagle rank). I understand Ted Jacobs (US Navy Seal, served in Vietnam) and Brian Dilges are deceased. Troop 21's adult leaders (Harry McVay, Joe Melton, Gene Skillin, John Colville Sr., et al.) took us on two >100 mile canoe trips (Suwannee River) with take-out at US 19 bridge in Fannin Springs. Quite a few friends at Riverview High School also attained Eagle: Mark Barclay and Chris Dunn (Troop 90), Louis Buzby (Troop 150), and probably others. I recall CFE summer camp with Kurt VonSeggern (Troop 101?) in Sarasota but can't remember his Scoutmaster's name, elderly dude who could play the "pie-annie." Served as Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster for troops in Tallahassee in the late 1970s and very early 1980s. Contact abagley("at" symbol) . I'm in Tampa FL.

NameBrian Lain
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MessageI grew up in Troop 76 Bayshore Gardens, and at Camp Flying Eagle. Glad to see this web page, and the history is recorded. I am going to the 90th reunion this weekend at CFE Feb 2, 2019.
Soar High Eagles.

NameAllen Hughes
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MessageI was a Scout in the Council from 1969-1971. I summer camped at CFE in 1971. I never made Eagle (only Star) but my son was fortunate enough to stick with the program and earned his.

NameChris Rich
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MessageI was in Troop 176 when it started in 1975 and made it to Life scout before I left scouting. Not on my accord. In 1981 I joined troop 103 and was an Asst SM, and was "in charge" of the leadership corp. In 1984 I was asked to take over my original troop, as the SM had left.
IN the same year I was the Provo SM for summer camp. Because of a medical problem, the camp hired a 2nd Provo SM. Ron ????? He was a SM in Venice and his troop was failing, as was 176. So we merged them. My new wife, who was the secretary for our troop, and I moved out of the area.
Does anyone remember the Ron. I saw his picture in the 1990 staff photo of camp.
Wonderful memories.

NameDavid Goddard
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MessageGreat to look back at Sunnyland Council and Eckale Yakanen 552. Many memories of Camp Flying Eagle and the Order of the Arrow. Sad to see the lodge disappear.

NameDavid W. Dennis
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MessageAs soon as I turned 11 I enrolled with Troop 13, in Bradenton. I was able to achieve First Class rank and attend CFE in 1949, 1950, and 1951 before Troop 13 disbanded because the Scoutmaster moved and another couldn't be found. Troop 17 downtown was too far away for me to attend. I do remember very well the layout of the entire camp the location of all activities. Great memories! Somewhere I think I still have my camp patches.

I continued in Scouting as an adult to see my son join at 11 and earn his Eagle and 84 merit badges while I trained and volunteered in almost every Troop position in units in Illinois and Texas, Earned Wood Badge, District award of Merit, and at large National Council spot. Currently I'm guiding my Weblos grandson in Cubs and look forward to being around to see him get his Eagle.
Keep the Outing in Scouting!

NameJames (Willy) Gibboney
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MessageI became a Scout sometime in the early 1960"s I was in Troop 60 out of Sarasota. I saved money from my paper route to attend CFE every summer. In 1964 I was chosen to attend the National Jamboree in Valley Forge Pa. In 1966 I was chosen to attend the National Order of the Arrow Conf in Hammond Indiana. I made Eagle Scout in 1965. I have many fond memories of CFE. I even remember the camp song! Its ironic that now I make my living doing American Indian style art work. I still have my OA regalia! I would love to donate some of my scouting memorabilia to the Council.I use my Scouting skills every day. Thank you!

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