NameJames (Willy) Gibboney
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MessageI became a Scout sometime in the early 1960"s I was in Troop 60 out of Sarasota. I saved money from my paper route to attend CFE every summer. In 1964 I was chosen to attend the National Jamboree in Valley Forge Pa. In 1966 I was chosen to attend the National Order of the Arrow Conf in Hammond Indiana. I made Eagle Scout in 1965. I have many fond memories of CFE. I even remember the camp song! Its ironic that now I make my living doing American Indian style art work. I still have my OA regalia! I would love to donate some of my scouting memorabilia to the Council.I use my Scouting skills every day. Thank you!

NameDavid Crow
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MessageAs a Sunny Land Scout starting Cubs in 1960 at Pack 34 at Bay Haven Elementary and Troop 34 I have fond memories of camping at Flying Eagle in 1963 and 1964.

I moved on to PA, MA, MD and NJ but always maintained Love of Scouting due to efforts of Cubmaster Skinner, Scoutmaster Hassler and my Scouting friends from Sarasota of whom I still keep in touch.

My wonderful Scouting trail through Eagle, Vigil, Philmont, Jamborees, Silver Beaver, National Meetings all started in Sunny Land.

Thank you.

David Crow
Middletown, PA

NameDavid Pointer
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MessageLove your page. I was looking up Camp Flying Eagle to remiisque about my Great Grandfather breaking ground and founding CFE. I found pictures of my grandpa and uncle on your site. I also found my name on a list of Eagles.

Thank you!

NameChris Collins
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MessageWhat a terrific site to find. I was in Troop 7 on Anna Maria Island with my brothers David and Steve, Jamie and Drew Adams, Rick and Kevin Morash. Our SPL was Emmett McDonald and we were all preceded by Eddie and Jimmy Moss.

I was a counselor in 1979, 1980, and 1981 at CFE - Rick Langford was my Aquatics Dir in 1981. Ranger Gifford was the hardest-baddest man I even knew and Mr. Singletary was the first person to ever hire me for a job.

My father, Chris Collins, was awarded the Dist Award of Merit in 1983. He was my Scoutmaster, my mother and Mrs. Adams (Drew and Jamie's mom) were my Den Mothers as a Cub Scout

NameMichael D Thorpe
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MessageUnfortunately I never officially became a Boy Scout, however my father and my grandfather were both quiet involved and as a child we sometimes would go to functions held at CFE. I noticed my Grandfather was the first man listed in the list of recipients of the "Silver Beaver Award". I don't see my Dad listed, but had been told that he also was awarded the Silver Beaver.

NameDan Waddell
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Messagei received my Eagle at Camp Flying Eagle in the summer of 1974. I was a member of Troop 90 from Sarasota. Our Troop had a tradition of Eagle Scouts that I have been reminded of thorough this web site. At the time I was told that I was the first Scout t be awarded his Eagle Medal during scout camp, an honor that i still remember to this day. Many great memories of Camp Flying Eagle. So glad to see the great job someone has done on this web site it is wonderful resource to a great institution

NameBobby Fletcher
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MessageI got my Eagle in Sunnyland in 1985 and am now a cubmaster for SWFC, in Sarasota. I routinely entertain boys and parents with "tales of the old days" at CFE.

NameBrad Pattison
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MessageI just looked to find myself in the Eagles and I guess they lost me in the cracks. I think it was 2/77. Fortunately I didn't lose my card like I apparently did with my OA card, who knew the card would ever be important.

NameBrad Pattison
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageWow been a while for me as well. Troop 159 from Venice. Logged lots of time at that place. 1st year camper '73. Did staff with Rick Langford maybe '77. Lots of OA functions seeing the 'give me fire' line light the whole place up. Man some really great times. My son, now in cubs made me start looking back into it, I thought I could at least get back as an active lodge member, only to find out from Roger Ward, that my own CFE has been sold and no longer operates as a summer camp, and my OA Eckale Yakanen lodge is no longer. What happened while I wasn't looking. I sure miss my old stomping ground. Feel free to contact [email protected]

NamePhil Boerma
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MessageI was a member of Troop 100 from late 1960's and
1970's. My brother and I became Eagle scout in
1972. Went to Philmont in 1972. Many years of
summer camps at Camp Flying Eagle, OA functions,
and adventures. Many memories.

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