Ray, Sonora, or Barcelona
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Namemartha gonzales
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MessageMy grandparents Angelita and Agapito Gonzales lived in Sonora as well as my father Jose. My mother Marina Martinez met my father in Sonora. My mothers uncle Santana who was a law enforcement officer in Sonora committed suicide. my mother who is 86yrs old reminices alot about this litte mining town. My 91yr old uncle reminices about the good old days Where making a living was hard working the mines, but living life was simple. Hope to find some photos in the family.

NameMaria Chavez (Alcala)
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MessageMy father is Rodolfo Alcala. AKA Rudy. He loved to tell me stories about working at the mine and I enjoyed listening to every moment. Miss him dearly.

NameDiane Al-Rudhan
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MessageResearching my family history and found that my great grandparents lived in Ray, Arizona, I have been told they owned a barber shop. 1900-1920? If anyone has any information on Pedro Ordorica's family. My grandmothers name is Fidela Ordorica

NameDarlene Ingram
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MessageMy father Jose Esparza (Joe) was born in Ray. His mother was supposed to have died there. Was wondering what happened to the graves and can you visit them? Where they moved? Dad was born in 1923
Just looking for info on Ray and his life.

NameRenee Perez
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MessageMy father was born and raised in Sonora. My sister and I were shocked a the size of the open pit. Very sad.

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MessageMy mother was born in Ray, and we have a few photos of the area. Also we have a graduation progam from Ray High School class of 1931. Good to see some info on Ray posted.


Diane in Texas

NameJoAnna Fessenden
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MessageRight now I'm trying to colaberate with StoryCorps on doing a project for the Ray, Sonora, and Barcelona stories. All interviews will be stored into the library of congress and I think now is the perfect time to get these memories ongoing while we still can. You would be interested in helping? Drop me a line! (--JoAnna's email address is carne.estradaATgmail.com -- replace AT with @, Webmaster)

NameWebmaster for Ray - Sonora - Barcelona
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MessageAfter a long delay, I have opened a new Guest Book. The entries from a past, now defunct, Guestbook will be added. Find a link at the Sitemap. The Host for this guestbook has served me well for several year from a different site.

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