Ray, Sonora, or Barcelona
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NameJavier Romero
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MessageWow! Just finished coming from Morenci, Hayden, Kearny and Winkleman, and what a beautiful area! So sad to see any part of it strip mined! Glad my grandfather, his brothers and sisters were able to make a living there! Looking for any information on any descendants of Francisco Romero Romo b.1887, Plácido Romero Romo b.1889, Juana A. Castro b.1892, Ramona Romero b.1901, Toribio Muñoz b.1901, and Calistro Ramirez b.1895.

Great Website by the way!!!

Namejanice l. howard brenner
MessageMy fathers family, the Howards, lived in Ray for quite a few years. My father, Jack died in an accident there in 1952. My grandfather, Homer had a grocery store there. My grandmother was Lucy Spence Howard. Uncles, Wendell, Walter, Dick, Harold, aunts, Pearl, Blanche, Jenette, Marilyn. wonderful family friends, the Bacas, Jimmy, Eddie, Donnie(?).My Mom Shirley,worked as a nurse in hospital. if anyone knows anything about these people reply to this questbook. thanks. Mom and I had to leave Ray after my father's death. Since mom did not work for Kennecott, the company told her that we could no longer live there.

NameGeorge Ann Miller
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MessageI was born in Ray in 1945.My father George B Evans worked from about 1941 till 1956.He was a boiler-maker.My mother was mine nurse.

NameBob Gibney
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MessageI am researching the history of Sonora, Barcelona, and Ray. I am interested in any documents or oral histories about the life of the miners including the early years (1910's), the growth years, and the closing of the towns in the 1960's. I have located Sanborn Fire Maps of Sonora and Ray from the early 1900's.

NameArturo Diaz-Gonzalez III
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MessageI was born in 1955 in Ray, Arizona. My parents are Arturo Diaz-Gonzalez and Grace (Campos) Diaz-Gonzalez. We resided in Sonora across the street from the Post Office. My dad owned the hotel caddy-corner from our house across the street from the Post Office and Maggie Horners' store. We left Sonora in the summer of 1965 and moved to Superior, Arizona.

NameTerry Hall
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MessageI was born i8n Morenci, AZ moved to Ray in 1950. Live in various locations last was Teapot Terrace the old home was bought by Pete Lomali and moved to Alley Hings property at bottom of 177 grade to Superior. Loved growing up in Ray many many good memories. Fisnished my schooling in Superior. The Vietnam for a spell came back and went to work as a guard at Ray. My Dad was the drilling foreman and retired from there. I left and end up in California. Been back several times and have seen some old aquaintnances that still live in the area. If you remember me feel free to contact me via email. Besure to put Ray, Az in subject line.

NameMichael Beaulieu
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MessageMonday, November 28, 2011 8:00 P.S.T.


My ancestors are Pioneers of Arizona. I am a Pioneer Descendant. I was Born in Ray, Arizona.

I would like to if you would know where I could purchase a photo, photostat, or copy of Ray Hospital and Barcelona. I am also looking for the book, "Forever Ray, Sonora, Barcelona. There is no hurry to receive any of the information I have requested.

I thank you for your assistance and time.

Michael Beaulieu
3649 Monon St. #111
Los Angeles, CA 90027

NameAnna Cox
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Messagedaughter of Alfred Richard "Bubby" Cox and Clara Giese, Granddaughter of Alfred John Cox and Mabel Cox and Charles Giese and Clara Giese. Father and grandfathers all worked the mine, Cox's worked in mind. Giese did payroll for everyone. Parents were born 1935, Grandparents were in Ray long before.. Smiles love your website, you should check out the facebook page of "Ray, Sonora,Kearny Memories"

NameMark Knighten
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MessageI was born in Ray,Arizona in 1958 ! I reallly enjoyed the pictures and history ! Thanks, Mark.

NameMaria Elena Moreno
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MessageIn the late 40's and early 50's I attended Washington Elementary in Sonora from Kinder to 3rd grade. We then moved to Ray where I attended Lincoln school for 4th and 5th grades. After spending several years in Los Angeles, I retired and returned to AZ. How sad it is to realize that Sonora is no longer there. I remember St. Helen's where I made my first communion, but if anyone should have a map of the layout it would help my memories a lot more. Living in that little village were the best years of my life.

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