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NameColwyn Gullick
Date11 January 2014
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MessageMy husband is the grandson of Edward Gullick, son of Frederick, son of Christian Gullick. Edward was married to Katheryn Millmeyer in Fort Madison, Iowa. We just found this paperwork on thr family and are excited to see information about Wends/Sorbians. More lat e r.

Date25 December 2013
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NameRobert J Hanson
Date16 November 2013
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MessageYou can watch the Upper Sorbian "Wuhladko" video podcasts produced by MDR. I cannot post the weblink here, so do a web search for "Wuhladko", click on the result, and then click on Sendung Verpasst to get to the videos.

NameKeith Stephan
Date12 November 2013
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I traced my father's line to Chemnitz, Saxony about 75 miles west of modern Lusatia. I had a 111 YDNA test at Family Tree DNA, and I belong to haplogroup R1a1 L1029 as mentioned by Hanson on your message board. My great great grandparents emigrated from Saxony to Michigan USA in 1870.

NameKay Hindle
Date12 November 2013
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Messagere Ballack family - South Africa. I read an email from Carel Ballack and would be grateful if he could contact me at: as I do have some information on the South African Ballack family

Private Message added 31 October 2013

Date8 October 2013
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MessageYou can listen to Wendisch radio and watch Wendisch TV online.Google up :" RBB Sorbisches Programm"(RBB=Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg) !
The radio programme is in Wendisch(Lower Sorbian),
TV-programme has German sub-titles.
Some great folk - music there.


NameDaniel Rolfe
Date6 October 2013
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MessageFamily name is Rolfe, my fathers mother was a Boehme(Ottawa Valley Boehme's)

Other side of that family were Budarick's and Jessops.

Not sure of how i can be of assistance, just checking my family history and genealogical origins.

Thanks so much for nay information, appreciated.

Daniel Rolfe

NameStephanie Fariss
Date5 October 2013
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MessageI am a descendant of the Wends in Serbin, Texas. I would like to send an email to Patricia Phyllis Buchholz Peterson to see about history including ship passenger list but do not have her email address. I have not been to the Serbin Museum in Texas, but my parents have visited several times and have a house in Giddings, which is near Serbin. I hope to visit the museum there during my next trip to Texas. Thanks for having this website. I have learned a great deal about my heritage through Google searches about the Wends this evening.

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