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NameGlenn Hobratschk
Date6 February 2010
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MessageRon, I appreciate all the hard work. This is a good idea. I hope it really takes off.

Private Message added 1 February 2010

NameJackie Ryan Patterson
Date1 February 2010
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MessageThe Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogical Group hosted a very successful meeting Jan. 16. The weather cooperated allowing people from over an hour's drive away to come together with folks from the Pembroke area. All want to learn more about the Wends. They were surprised to learn of the Iowa connection. A bus trip to Iowa is being planned for August. We hope that this will stimulate the Canadian Wends into coming together on a regular basis to look for ways they can celebrate their heritage. The UOVGG would be delighted to hear from all Canadian Wends including Wends who moved away from the Ottawa Valley. For more info on this group, see

NameChuck Dube
Date1 February 2010
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MessageI appreciate your wonderful efforts in support of a wider and deeper knowledge and appreciation of everything Wendish, Ron. I'm certain there are more members of the Texas Wendish Heritage Society who would be willing to do whatever would be helpful in your further developing this website into something widely known and well used.

NameRoxanne Mehlisch
Date10 January 2010
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MessageThanks, Ron for your efforts doing this website and making it possible for the Wends of the World to unite. the website looks nice and is easy to navigate. it will get bigger and better as more people add information. I am very happy you are doing this for us. husband Gary has Markusch, Riese, Schmellick and Bohrisch in his family tree. Cathy Muschick Petersen, the leader of our Iowa Wends group has organized the Iowa Wends and this is the next step to have connections to the other groups of Wends. the Petersens and Mehlisch's are leaving soon for Germany and the area where we all immigrated from. i am sure she will make a report when we get back. keep up the good work,Ron.

Date9 January 2010
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MessageI am just beginning to research my heritage and came across your site. I was hoping to find some Canadian links but as it seem is usual you do not have any listed. smilie If anyone can help send an email to [email protected]

NameMandy Yurth Wells
Date4 December 2009
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MessageI am a descendant of the Drachhausen Wends. My maiden name before it was Americanized in the late 1800's was Jurth. Please contact me for further information. smilie

Private Message added 4 December 2009

NameRobert Clemons
Date12 November 2009
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MessageMy Grandparents were Mehlisch, Hanausch, and Riese, all immigrating to the USA in the late 1800's.

NameShirley (Mahlow/Mehlow) Schaper
Date9 November 2009
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MessageThis is fantastic! I'm a member of the Iowa Wends Study Group through my mother's marriage to a Wend descendant. Cathy Peterson has done an outstanding job of gathering information about the Iowa Wends and keeping everyone informed. I've been a genealogist for over 50 years and just wish my own family had access to a website like this. Good luck and I'm sure it's going to grow and even get better. Thank you for all your efforts!

Shirley (Mahlow/Mehlow) Schaper

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