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Date6 September 2013
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MessageMy gr gr grandparents were Johann KOSSATZ and Anna SCHLODDER from Drehnow. They married in the Peitz Wendish Church in 1836, and had 4 daughters – Maria, Anna, Elisabeth and Christiana. Johann died in 1850 age 40, and 3 years later Anna remarried – Georg KAINA from Preilack, and they had a son, Freidrich. In 1859 the family emigrated to South Africa, but after 5 years trying to make a living from the arid and infertile land they’d been allocated, they moved again - to New Zealand – perhaps the only Wends to come here! They were amongst the first settlers in Waipipi, a rich farming area on the southern shore of the Manukau harbour. I am a direct descendant of their daughter Anna, who married Heinrich CORDES (a bootmaker from Koblenz) in Auckland NZ in 1867.
For many years their arrival in NZ was a total mystery as the daughters still used their KOSSATZ surname, and there was no KOSSATZ family on any passenger arrival lists! I have only recently uncovered the KAINA connection, and found they travelled as “Georg and Anna KAINA and their 5 children.”!!
So don’t give up – all you Wendish Heritage seekers out there!
Lloyd GLEESON, New Plymouth, NZ.
(I am humbled by the hardship they endured to ensure their children had a better start in life than they.)

NamePatricia Phyllis Buchholz Peterson
Date21 August 2013
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MessageI am decendant of Wends in Serbin Texas. I have wedding picture of Christen Kolba and Marie Kasperich married before 1850 in Germany.
While visiting in Berlin I purchased Wenden decorated eggs at a flower shop.
Please e-mail me if you are connected to Wends in Serbin Texas. My daughter attended their festival the 4th Sunday of Sept a few years ago.
We have history including ship passenger list.

NameWendy Roach
Date29 July 2013
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MessageMy Grandfather Wend was born in Berlin German in the 1800.

He came from a big family and they moved to U.S.A in the late 1800. They settled in New York City. He worked as a photoengraver
and made it big at Hearst Newspapers!

Good to link with your website!

Wendy Roach

NameEwen Mickan
Date26 July 2013
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MessageTravelling to Cortnitz Bautzen area in September to trace family history from Johan Mickan migrating to South Australia around 1840 I think. Hoping to find some records Somwhere.

NameGlenis Hickey Andersen
Date19 July 2013
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MessageI am Australian but live in San Diego California. I am delighted to find this web site. My mother's grandparents came to Australia in 1858 from a village called Werben near Cottbus. Their names were Christian Starick and Ernestine Henrietta Peucker. Christian with his parents and siblings left from Hamburg, sailed on the "Victoria", landed in Adelaide, settled briefly in Gawler in South Australia. In 1859 they made a 7 week ox cart journey to Western Victoria to take up land in Murtoa. Christian married Ernestine, the daughter of Christian Gottlieb Peucker in 1871. Twelve children were born in the marriage. Ernestine left Christian in 1901 and travelled with many of her children to Western Australia. She supported herself working as a midwife in and around the area of Gosnells. Christian is buried in the Murtoa cemetery and Ernestine in Perth.
I would like to hear from others whose ancestors are from the village of Werben.

NameMaurie Forbes
Date29 May 2013
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MessageMy wendish connection was a passenger aboard the godeffroy arriving in Adelaide australia on 11.2.1849 German wendish immigrants to port Philip the 1849 ships his name was Carl rokesky he traveled to Hamilton vic and started a drapery and fancy goods store later turning to farming I have been watching wendish folk singers on u tube I love the culture and the costumes they wear as a boy I remember my grandmother wearing her hair as they do i will go to lusatia one day and see if I can trace his history there the rokeskys are my mothers side of our family and still farm in the western district of Victoria today

NameKay Von Dran
Date16 May 2013
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MessageMy father always claimed his father's family was German and is mother's family was Czech. However, when we lived in Germany, the local Germans did not think that our name (von Dran) was German. Of course there could be several reasons for this 1. wrong pronunciation 2.wrong spelling 3. name changed when family immigrated to US in the 1840's etc. I have done some ancestry research and I can trace my father's family back to the area in Germany where the Wends or Sorbs originated. Interesting site and I will be doing more research.

NameWendy Meigs
Date3 May 2013
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MessageGreat site! My grandmother spoke fluent Wendish in Warda, Texas near Giddings.

Date6 April 2013
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MessageHello, I am Clemens and I am a real sorb and speak Upper Sorbian. And my parents too. I read a book about the Sorbs in Texas and then I came across detours on this great website. I had to smile sometimes when you watch but I really like this idea! Keep it up! smilie

NameR J Hanson
Date27 January 2013
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MessageI just discovered your website. Thank you for starting this! I have started my genealogical journey, but cannot trace back very far using conventional means.

I discovered in 2006 that there was such a thing as DNA testing for genealogy! Last summer (2012) a new DNA SNP named L1029 was discovered, and I tested positive! One current hypothesis is that L1029 is a Polabian Slavic marker originating specifically with the ancient Venedi tribe. Today, the only Polabians left are the Sorbians!

I also tested more STR markers, and have been assigned to the Lusatian cluster (haplogroup R1a1a1b1a1b) in the R1a project. This would mean that sometime after about 500 BC, I have a chain of paternal ancestors who are in the same bloodline as you modern-day Sorbians! We are at least genetic cousins, or I may be fully Sorbian by my DNA!

I would like to encourage any Sorbian male in Lusatia who has a definite paternal family history of Sorbian male bloodline to test for as many Y-STR markers as you can (I did all 111), and to test for the SNP L1029. I used Then join the R1a or Polish project, and the administrators will advise you. (Disclaimer: I do NOT work for and there are other companies available.)

Enjoy the journey!

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