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NameDan Carter
Date1 May 2012
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MessageHi Ron! Great to see this is all up and running and continuing to provide a very useful service for the Wendish community.

Let's continue to explore opportunities for synergistic projects.

Don't forget to visit the Texas Wendish Heritage Society's new website - the Wendish Research Exchange. Visit it at And also visit for more information on joining that effort.

Date18 April 2012
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MessageI am in the US, but 'my' Wends came to Australia in the 1850-1860 migration, so my 'Wendish' self-identification will be Australian. My cousins and I have recently discovered each other and we're having a GREAT time!

@Jack Grueschow - have been working hard to follow AUS Wends on Find me there. Maybe I can help. Also check out Wendish Heritage Society of Australia

@Liza Supra - Wow! Your family was probably WITH my family on the Peter Gottefroy 1859, which dropped some passengers in South Africa before continuing to Adelaide, South Australia! You've found Passenger lists, right? I could help.

Great resource!!

NamePatricia Lisk (Liesk) Nichols
Date9 October 2011
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MessageMy great-great grandmother was a Canadian immigrant from Drachausen, Germany. Learning more about wendish people as is available. Thanks for your site.

Date5 October 2011
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MessageThe question is: how are you going to do. You will need to to get a niche marketplace that you're desperate to advertise their products.

NameDawn Marie Renaker-Cooper
Date24 September 2011
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MessageHi: Just wanted to say that I am Dawn Marie Hentschel Dobring Renaker - Cooper - My Grandmothers Madien name and her Maried name, My Mothers Madien name and Married name My maiden name and Married name. I know its a mess.

Anyway - Dobring - Wendish. My uncle Martin Dobring did a Wendish English Dictionary. If you want to contact him please give me an address and or a phone number where he can contact someone. He is the one that has traced and visited the wends. I know that my Grandfather John Martin Dobring came from Pembrook Canada. I have not met anyone from his side of the family. I would be nice to know If I have any relatives in Pembrook. I know our family home there was burned down. Not sure what happened as to why it burned down. There was the last time my mom went there a part of the chimney that was left at the old homestead. Anyway - I can't be of much use to you, but my uncle the historian can be.

Dawn Marie

NameJeff Wendt
Date5 September 2011
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MessageI am looking for information to help me locate any possible Wendt family relatives in Germany during an October 2011 visit. My grandfather, Otto Karl wendt left Liepgarten, Germany around 1904, landing at Ellis Island, New York City, then settling in New Jersey (now Wayne).

NameHorst Wilhelm Gutsche
Date5 September 2011
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MessageHello Folks, It is good to see this website and Arthur Becker working on it. Hello Arthur! I also have a Wendish name in my family tree. It is Teschner. I am glad to hear of your work. Some many moons ago I read that about 1/4 of the total heritage pool of Poland was actually Germanic and 1/3 of the total heritage pool of what used to be East Germany was Slavic. In Luther's time there were Wendish hamlets outside of Wittenberg and it was a trilingual town using what became standard High German, Low German and Wendish. God bless!
Horst Gutsche

NameRebecca Joyce Donaldson Rubke
Date8 August 2011
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MessageI am a direct descendant of the Patschke's who traveled on the Ben Nevis. I am always looking for more material on the Wends. Thanks for your attention to the history of our people.

Date3 August 2011
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MessageI just saw the Ottawa Valley site for the first time and realized that the family we always thought was German is probably Wendish from Palmer Rapids. This is very exciting,looking forward to getting more info on the culture etc.

NameGeorge Koinm
Date12 May 2011
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MessageI am searching for Mary Catherine Girard. She is my GG Grandmother. Some of my family members said that she came to Texas because of religious percusion in Germany, she was Lutheran.Mary was born 1829, died 1908. She married Christopher Koinm 1854 in Harris county Texas. I have been unable to locate either person prior to 1854. If you could help please do so. They lived north of Houston in Humble Texas, in fact they were one of the founding families of Humble. I would love to track them to Germany and one day soon visit wher they were raised.
Thanks; George Koinm

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