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MessageThank you for all the downloads. I have it all. I am just curious what custom eyes do you use? I am curious to know if you use any.

NameAn Old Blind Bat
MessageHi there, your stuff is wonderful.

I'm getting old and decrepid though and find it difficult to read your words that go with your pictures. I know I don't need to read your words but I'd like to, after all you've taken the trouble to write them.

Or I suppose it could be my monitor.

Don't mean to whinge. smilie

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MessageHi Papercat, I'm wondering if you'd be able to answer me one question. I remember that you used to have (maybe a year ago) a music-player here and I really liked those songs you've had there. I guess they are called "day 3/5/any number" but I don't remember who the artist is. If you could send me an email with the name of the band I would be so pleased. Thanks, Lia.

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Messagetrying to use your custom skin tones but for some reason the simCompositorCache keeps coming back every time i reload them game and when leaving the file and having both original plus yours i get 2 black dots for skintones not sure what im doing wrong please can some 1 help me as this is the last item i need to complete my sims looks and i just cant get it to work correctly smilie

MessageI love your sims stuf anf everytihng, you are very talented smilie I just want ask do you update anymore ?
Thank you! Sorry my horrible english :D

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Messagei love the things you made!Thanks for sharing your work with us! (:

MessageI just wanted to say that I love your skins, and would have them as my default, if they all didn't have the nose freckles. Is there a version without them? Thanks! smilie

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MessageI love the skins, thank you so much~

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MessageYour web is amazing, incredible, this is that the French people says: Mon dieu! C'est Super!
I hope that you win many things.
Gabriel smilie

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MessageReally enjoyed the things you made smilie Please keep up the good work

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