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Private Message added Aug-23-2009

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Messageoh knowz!

thought i'd state the obvious and say that your sites exploding and thats bad because i check it every.. well, i check it very frequently, and now everythings exploding.
all of your pictures are down and your files arent .. downloadable anymore *is worried*

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MessageI am another person who can't download your skins. Please can you try and fix the link as my sims are dying from too much 'pudding'.

Thank you

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Messagenone of your links are working anymore, they'll take you to the site but there's nothing to download, it just takes you to the home page.
thoguht i'd let you know.

It's really odd for some reason media fire changed the url to all of my downloads. They have all been replaced with the new urls but if you're still having problems please let me know!

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Messagepapercat, when i click to download your full skin set the link takes me to but the files are nohere to be seen!halp! smilie

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MessageHey these skins are awesome smilie
Do they by any chance override the faces too?
You see cause I have default faces in my game as well as default skins and I was wondering if your lovely skintones were compatible with the default faces. smilie smilie

MessageHi, Im just dropping you a note to say that your skintone defaults are by far the best ive used, I love them. I have however edited the faces to remove the freckles and wanted to share these edits with Lj friends. would this be acceptable with proper credit.

hey joedy, I wish you would have included your email so I could message you back in a way you might receive it. I don't have a problem with you editing the skins but I'm not sure what Lj friends are? If you wanted to share the edits you could send them to me, and I could post them on my blog for everyone to download.

MessageI just wanted to say that you are one of the best creators for the sims 3 out there! I have pretty much all of your stuff in my game and your freckles are my personal favorite. Thank you for all of your good work
Keep it up smilie, Graham

MessageHey, just wanted to let you know these skins are awesome. Would you be able to release them as a separate, bodies-only version, however? I've been using my own face defaults for a while, but I love these body textures. Thanks in ey Sally, I could probably upload a bodies only version but I'm afraid that if you used your own face with it that the body and the face would be different shades. Because i've altered the tint of the base skin to be lighter than the maxis default. With any luck however you could take the faces out yourself since you already have knowledge of editing the sim package files.

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MessageThank you!
I was admiring the lovely skins your models had and, in need of defaults anyways, I'm going to give these a go smilie

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