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Name Yaw
Date 2009-07-18 12:47:43
Message Hmmmm wish i had the time and resource to be in your group.
One day I may if old men are permitted

Name Samantha
Date 2009-07-18 06:22:51
Message To The League of Gentlemen:
I'm green with envy to see that you all had such a "fun"tastic trip! Live life to the LIMITS, always...
You're an exceptional, entertaining writer Jim!!
Well Done


Name Jim
Date 2009-07-07 15:50:15
Message just to test

Name Enrico di Rosso
Date 2009-07-07 18:00:49
Message There were no doubt many more moments we didn't get to hear about on the 2009 'Route 62' ride but, the one's we've learned make this trip sound like an exciting and memorable event.

Thanks for sharing your journey with us and ... safe riding from your supporters in Uganda!

Name Renier
Date 2009-07-08 12:59:24
Message A must ride!

Name Dave Walker
Date 2009-07-09 08:23:05
Message Abundantly clear that Jan Lamprecht has missed his vocation in life absolutely completely!

(J L = Jim Lundberg)

Name Marinus
Date 2009-07-09 13:20:41
Message Howzit Gents.
I've just finish stripping my Yamaha TW 200, a local engineering works is bussy with the motor, they r putting in another 5 pistons, that will give me 1200cc of,of, I dont know what, but it is going to be awsome, then i just need to build a windscreen, enlarge the feul tank, get a comthie seat and a thew other ajustments, and then, just mabe, i can join you on the next ride. . . . .
Jim good stuff, I personaly think the League must sponsor your next trip, g if I were there I would mention it in the next meeting.
Great stuff and keep it up.
Lots of love from Afghanistan.

Name Neil Lyon
Date 2009-07-09 14:26:20
Message Now you guys are becoming tourists!!!! What an awesome part of the country! I look forward to hearing all about the next BIG adventure!

Name Annika Tora Lundberg
Date 2009-07-11 04:29:16
Message so proud of you dad. You are an excellent writer and motor bike rider. Happy you had fun. Sure does look a like you did.

Name Paul Lydon
Date 2009-07-13 09:53:54
Message Great writing and sounds like you all had a great ride!

Name Maman
Date 2009-07-15 02:18:39
Message The journal of the trip is excenllent, the photos okay. If younger would come along next time. Well don Jim.

Name Danielle
Date 2009-07-15 02:27:03
Message Hi Jim, I think there is an author in making in you... you should write some more, very very good and interesting your journal. And of course also nice the see all the pictures.
Lots of love from your
aunty Danielle

Name Colin Cockcroft
Date 2009-07-15 13:47:14
Message Fantastic ride, great comoradery. will never get tired of the open road. When's the next one Jim, I'm itching for another long trek, backpack and all

Name William Radloff
Date 2009-07-21 04:09:29
Message A very good bit of entertaining writing, in the same category as your great entertaing speeches. I would love to go on a trip like this too on day when I am big. Well done Jim and keep it going

Name Jane Radloff
Date 2009-07-21 04:46:40
Message A highly enjoyable account of your trip. While reading it I could almost hear you narrating it, your writing is as entertaining as you speeches. Thanks for sharing it!

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