NameBob Parrish
DateFeb 6, 2009
MessageMike,Thanks for the undercarriage paint info.You have a beautiful SS restored with great detail like I admire.I also have a AACA grand national 1958 Impala conv. that I restored and completed in 2005.I am restoring a 66 marina blue SS with 360hp and I was wondering what the VX tag soldered to the radiator and it is explained on your web site,however I was not aware that that engine option had a finger guard;however there are 2 straps soldered to the top of my radiator.Where can I find one of these guards or if I have the dimensions I could possibly make one.Would it be possible to get measurements from you? I initally thought all 396 eng. had shrouds I really enjoyed looking at the details of your car,I am a AACA master judge and am very detailed oriented.Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Bob Parrish

NameBrian Briore
DateJan 6, 2009
Locationclick picture for more information
City/StateNorth Ridgeville, Ohio
Favorite Muscle CarCan't pick just one! Corvette, Chevelle, Shelby
MessageMike, thanks for the restoration cd. I could not have done the car with out it. Two years later I still go back to it looking for things I might have missed. Thank you very much for your help.

If you are restoring a Chevelle this is the first thing you need to buy, BEFORE you start taking your car apart!

DateDec 22, 2008
Locationclick picture for more information
Favorite Muscle CarChevelles
MessageWOW, when I read your comments I see and feel the passion you have for these Chevelles. Nothing but love, enthusiasm, and a desire to share it with the world. I do not own a 66-67 which are your passion, nor am I as knowledgable as you are, but on the side I listen and read what you bring to this hobby. It's inspirational and provide individuals with the desire to exceed in the quality of their restorations. Even though people might not be able to afford a 100% correct restoration some of them strive for what you preach... to pay attention to details.


NameJonathon Arche
DateDec 17, 2008
Locationclick picture for more information
Favorite Muscle Car66 Chevelle SS
MessageWow!! Could your car be any more Perfect?? Man you've taken it to a whole other level.

I just started my 66 restoration over the summer and thanks to your Fact Book, I am feeling like I actually know what I am doing.


Great web site.

DateDec 11, 2008
Locationclick picture for more information
City/StateNorman, OK
Favorite Muscle Car66 Chevelle SS and 70 Buick GSX
MessageGreat looking site Mike! Loved reading the story about how you found your car and also about the original Mystery Chevelle. Your Danube Blue 66 is Drop-Dead Gorgeous!! (So is the chick on the front page...is that your girlfriend?? smilie

I received the Fact CD I ordered from you and just like you
said - It's in there! Very informative...I use it all the time. smilie Thanks!!

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