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Namejulian s lupienski
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Messageboot camp 59
rm/a school bainbridge md 59-60
uss atka agb-3 60-61 icebreaker out of boston
uss severn ao-61 62-65 oiler out of newport ri
navcommsta cubi pt 66-68 phillipines
navradsta cape cod 68-69 micro relay
naval hosp chelsea ma 69-70 patient
72-74 uss intrepid cv-11 quonset pt ri
74-74 tty repair norv
74-76 uss fulton as-11 new london ct
76-79 subase new london ct
79 office ret 2004 school bus dr
2005 to present hope to hear from shipmates

NameStephen C. Tipton
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MessageGreetings fellow "RM" shipmates. Just a quick words. I joined the Navy back in June 1983 and attend RM "A" school in San Diego, CA. Retiring this year after 27 honorable years as an LDO/6420
Information Systems Technician Officer. Take care and god bless!

Ciao, Stephen Tipton

NameBarkley "BT" Nash
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Message1971, basic training San Diego, RMA school, and Nimitz test team for state of the art Comm System.
72-73, Navcommsta Phil (San Miguel) PI.
73-74, USS Anchorage LSD 36 (decommissioned).
Dec 24, 1974 discharged as RM2.
32 years with the Army (civilian) retired to sometimes sunny Florida. RMCS Charles Wright (Lead RM), don't know where you are now, but you were a great Chief, and I learned much about comms, and being a standup person. Hope all is well with you.

NameEric Addington RM1(SW)
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Message"A" school in 88, USS O'bannon DD987, NTCC Mayport, Decomissioning team for NTCC Ket West, USS Aubrey Fitch, NCTS Jacksonville. I enjoyed my time and all my shipmates and great friends. Sparky will live on.

Nametom mcluckie
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Messageserved 1957-1977. retired RMCS. USS Currituck AV-7(62-63), USS Alamo Lsd-33 (65-66), USS John R. Pierce DD-753 (66-68), USS Parsons DDG-33 (71-74)
shore duty included NavRadSta (T) Dixon, CA 58-59, NAF Naha (59-61), Comfairwestpac, NAF Atsugi, Japan (63-65), NORAD (Colorado Springs) (74-76. retired from USS Horne CG-30 in 1977. Currently on f/b and Navy, Together We Served (Tom McLuckie, RMCS-USN-Retired

NameRoger Griffith (RM2)
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MessageBoot Camp Great Lakes Aug '67
BE&E Great Lakes Nov '67
RM 'A' Bainbridge Feb '68
NavCommSta Norfolk '68 - '69
TTY repair San Diego '70
NSA/NSF Danang RVN May '70 - Apr '71

Been in computers for 35 years since I Got out.
Funny that the RM's are now IT's

Guess that's the game.

NameRM1 Linda Day Burkholder, USN, Retired
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MessageINT ZBZ?
Oh how I miss being active duty and a radioman!
RMA school 1984
NTCC's Portsmouth and Little Creek
NAS Bermuda
FSSC DET one Amchitka
I loved being a radioman. 12 hour watches, busy friday nights, slow sunday days, paper tape footballs to get across the net, OCR readers jamming up, circuits to troubleshoot, movin' traffic with no "nondees", doing HJ's... Technical advancements were fast and furious for my entire career. Went from a teletype to a PC in about 10 years. When I finally landed orders to RIXT school it became obsolete a year later! I'm pretty sure that even now I could construct a perfect header with a complete FL2.
I was placed on the TDRL in 1999 and then retired in 2004. I really do miss it.
Hope all you radioman out there are doing well!

Private Message added 2010-06-07

NameThomas Joyce
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MessageServed, 1977-1982 Shore and Sea (USS Ogden LPD-5).
Looking for Radiomen who served with me, NWS China Lake, NAS Corpus Christi, USS Odgen.

NameMichael "Tony" Jackson RM1 (SW)
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MessageDid Great Lakes in Aug. 1980, RM School San Diego Spring 1981, Then stationed on the USS O'Bannon DD-987, Went to Great Lakes as a Teletype Repairman, ended up working with SPAWAR as a you know what! Then sent to the USS San Diego as a platform during DS. Then did a couple of Reserve tours for SPAWAR in the 90's...Did not like my first reserve tour when I found out that the RM rate had been tossed, luckily I had enough TIR and a spot in SPAWAR that I got to keep my rating. Loved the fact that the newbys had to address me as RM1.
Loved working in the Shack. Flirting with the girls in Naples over the NAVMACS on the midwatch.
Stationed with a great group of Radioman over the years.

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