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NameRM3 David Long
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MessageBoot camp great lakes 1961. Radio A school in Norfolk 61-62. USS Mt. Mckinley, 62-65. Made some good friends, stationed on both east and west coasts. Med cruise 1963. Westpac 1965. Landing at Danang Vietnam in March 1965.
Would do it again.

NameFred H. Elam RM2
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MessageHello Fellow Ditti-Boppers!
Boot camp San Diego 1959
RM "A" school San Diego 3rd in class
Served 22 months on USS James E Kyes DD787 and Flagship Squadron 3 First ship off coast of Nam in 1960 when Laos broke out.
Stole Marine guidon flag in Subic Bay--3 days of fighting broke out and we ran them out of port!
Too many memories to recount them all--being on a destroyer was like McHale's navy!!! Loved it!!
Took a 69 deg roll during storms at sea!!
NAS Miramar 14 months--best chow in military!
Wished 10,000 times that I had stayed in....!
God bless you all!!!

NameDonald L Dowling
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MessageRM "A" San Diego 1970 (RMSN)
BMU-1 Coronado 1-72/8-74 (RM3/RM2)
RM "C" San Diego 1974 (RM2)
COMSUBGRU7 Yokosuka 1-75/3-78 (RM1)
Discharged 3-78
Would not trade my Navy years for anything!

Re-entered service (Army) for flight school.
Retired 7-93 as CWO4 (Aviator)

Private Message added 2010-09-01

NameGregory Protsko
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MessageRadioman "A" School 1980
Served aboard the USS Hunley (AS-31) 1980 to 1983 took the Hunley from Guam to Charleston, SC and then from Charleston,SC to Holy Loch, Scotland. Had a great time and would do it all over again.

NameRM3 Juaquin Bonilla
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MessageRadioman A school, San Diego, Ca - 1989
USS Mount Whitney LCC-20 1989-1993

I served as a Radioman with pride. Enjoyed every minute of it. Would not change anything. God Bless all who serve, God Bless the United States Navy and most important...GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

NameIT1(SW) Josh Kellogg
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MessageUSS America CV-66 (1993-Decom'96) Fireman
USS Thomas S. Gates CG-51 (1996-1998) DC3
Radioman 'A' School Great Lakes, IL (1998-99)
Cruise Missile Support Activity LANT (1999-2002)
COMDESRON 50 (2002-2003)
USS Nashville LPD-13 (2003-2005)
USS Ponce LPD-15 (2005-2006)
NAVNETWARCOM GNOC Det Norfolk (2006-2009)
Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa (2010)
Carrier Strike Group 2 (2010- )
Shipmates, feel free to contact me at:
[email protected]
[email protected]

NameRenee Harrison
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MessageI went to Radioman A school in Bainbridge Maryland
in 1973. I met my husband there. After graduation, I was stationed in NavComSta at
Ft Allen in Ponce Puerto Rico. My husband went to the USS Forrest Sherman in Rhode Island. I was assigned to Tech Control. I was later TDI to Roosevelt Roads in Ceiba Puerto Rico. Our daughter
was born there. I have many fond memories of the friends I've made during my short Naval career.


NameChris Malone RMSN 1989-1993
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MessageRadioman A school - Oct 89 - Feb 90
Station NCTS Japan - Apr 90 - Apr 92
USS Vicenness CG49 - May 92 - Apr 93

Would do it all again...if giving chance.


NameEric Sorensen RMC(SW) 1980-2000
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MessageRM-A School, San Diego 1981
NTCC Bangor, Wa. 1981-1982
NTCS Diego Garcia 1982-1984
USS Exploit 1984-1986
Chief of Naval Air Training, Corput Christi, Tx 1986-1988
NATO Roclant Portugal 1988-1990
NCTS Roosevel Roads, Puerto Rico 1990-1993
NCTD Bahrain 1993-1994
NCTS Cutler, Maine 1996-1998
US Forces Azores 1998-2000

Had a wonderful journey. I'd do it again given the chance.

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