Huddleston Family History in the UK
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NameRaymond Redmond Albert Owen Huddleston
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MessageNice to see a few Huddlestons still lurking around the UK.So many USA Huddlestons too.My late father was Raymond Huddleston born 1919 Aston Birmingham.A few relative's names;Neville,Flo,Albert Owen not sure about the rest.

NameBenton W. Huddleston
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MessageHi Huddlestons, I am performing some family history research and I am currently stumped. The first American born Huddleston in my family was in 1709, so clearly my family has been in the states for quite a while. If anyone knows of any good genealogy resources could you let me know? Thanks a lot.

NameValerie Patrick
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MessageMy husband is a descendent of the Lincoln branch of Huddlestons from Thomas b 1700's through several Williams to Elizabeth born 1848.

NameJames F. Huddleston
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MessageHi there, Ive just been browsing. Nice to see how far spread around we are. Thanks James

NameMaurice Huddleston Abney-Hastings
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MessageInterested to see I am the son of the late Reginald Mowbray Chichester Huddleston (1894 - 1970)who changed his surname to Abney-Hastings by Royal Licence at the time of his first marriage to Edith Maude Abney-Hastings the 12th Countess of Loudoun in 1916! He had one brother, Maurice, who was born in 1892 and was killed at the Battle of the Somme in 1916 - I saw his grave in France last year and as far as I know am the only family member to have done so.

My Grandfather was Henry Huddleston Huddleston of Purse Caundle in Dorset, and my Grandmother was Baroness Anna Katerina von Guttenberg Steinhausen who died when my father was 2 in 1896. The two brothers were placed in a convent near Hereford, but later 'rescued' by "Uncle Loudoun" the 11th Earl of Loudoun and brought up at Willesley Hall in Leicestershire. The 3 older sisters, Violet, Dorothy ( later Greenish) and Margery (later McCann)were sent to a convent at Amiens in France to be brought up. My g-Grandfather also Henry moved from Sawston Hall (which I knew well when Capt Reggie Huddleston was alive)in I believe 1852, and prior to that my antecedants were as per the family tree in Cambridge County records.

I will try and search yor website to register or whatever and hope to learn more of your activities.

Best wishes with your endeavours


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NameKevin B Tinklin
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Messageson of Frank Tinklin and Doreen Tinklin/Huddlestone Born 1955

Namesean huddleston
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Messagefather brian from birmingham his mum and dad dorothy and arthur .they moved to athelstan road , margate in kent around the 50s.? would like to know more.

NameJery L Huddleston Jr.
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MessageJust trying to find out some information about where we came from. If you have any information on our family please email me.

NameSally Patricia Warr
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MessageMy maiden name was Huddleston; my father was Percy Frederick Huddleston, his mum was Marjorie but i don't know his fathers name; my grandmother was remarried by the time i was born. This is the start of my journey and any help would be appreciated. My dad has a brother John, 2 sisters; Kay and Ann and I believe they came from Lincoln athough I'm sure my dad once told me that his mum came from the island of Guernsey in the channel islands. I have very little info but i think my dad was born in the early thirties.

NameRonald D. Knight
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MessageI am interested in learning more about the successive Huddleston family members associated with the manor house at Purse Caundle in Dorset, which apparently came into the possession of Ferdinand Huddleston c.1770 from his father-in-law Timothy Lucas of Marlborough. The manor house was eventually sold by a Colonel Huddleston in 1900.

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