Huddleston Family History in the UK
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NameJames Elvin Huddleston
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MessageI live in Ripley, Mississippi. My oldest Mississippi ancestor was John Branch Huddleston, born in Amelia County, Virginia (USA) in about 1815 or 1816. His father was Thomas Huddleston. I am interested in hearing from anyone who has information about the family.

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Although not closely related to the Huddleston family I have a distant link.
Thought I'd post it, in case it's useful.

Jane Elizabeth Lansdell Earl (sometimes recorded as Earl Lansdell) married Charles Courtney in Brighton, Sussex UK, 1841.

She was widowed within two years and remarried Robert John Huddleston. Robert had appeared in her family household on the 1841 census at Richmond Place, Brighton. He was an engineer born in 1801, in Bath, Somerset.

smilie smilie

NamePatricia Johnson
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MessageResearching Lt Col Henry Huddleston of Purse Caundle died 1858 for the NADFAS Church Recorders Group. He was in the East India Company in Bengal Presidency 7th regiment Would like to know his father's name and whether he was the second son.

NameStephen Hedrick - Huddleston
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MessageI just found my missing link and it is amazing the history im in the William Berry Huddleston line.

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MessageI am Mike Huddleston and I live in Southport Merseyside.
I was born in Castle Donnington Leicestershire on 26 June 1946.
I am trying to trace my mother Mary Ann Huddleston nee Barrett who married my father Bernard Henry Huddleston in Leicester in November 1945. My Father was born on 10 August 1928 and died in September 1990.
We all lived in Paddington London between 1946 and 1948. I understand my mother was admitted to a mental institution in 1947/48 and I was taken to Leicester by my father in early 1948. I was handed over to my Grandmother who brought me up.
My mother was born in June 1916 or 1917 and will almost certainly have died. However I can find no evidence where she was born and can find no evidence of her death, this despite trawling through Ancestry UK records and an independant search by a geneologist. If anyone can give me any information, no matter how small I would be most grateful.

NameKatie Ambrose
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My grandfather is John William Huddleston, born 12 December 1929. He has one brother named Les and 5 sisters (Ann, Jean, Joyce, Bet and Irene).
I know that he was previously married before meeting and marrying my nan, Margaret June Huddleston (was Hyde). I believe that his mother was called Louise but know nothing else of the family history.

Am wondering if anybody out there knows of this branch of the Huddlestons, or if my grandfathers children from his first marriage are still 'Huddlestons'.

Best wishes to all Huddlestons, and their descendants, Katie smilie

NameChris Harrelson
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MessageMy grandmother was a Huddleston and I am researching my family tree. Looking for information from mid 1600s to 1300s in England!

Nameedmund roy huddleston
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MessageJust trying yo trace my family tree, but not having much sucess.

NameChris Allen
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MessageI am interested in the ancestry of Reginald Mowbray Chichester Huddleston (later Abney-Hastings)who married the Countess of Loudoun.

Nameedmund roy huddleston
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Messageam interested in the family history in Northern Ireland. My grandfather was william huddleston, born10/3/1875, married ellen robinson, born 8/1/1878.

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