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NameTom Vesneski
Date2008 Dec 03
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MessageHi Kev! Your father dropped me this website and I looked it up. Wow! Good for you. Best of Luck with the goal, I believe if anyone can make it happen, it's you. Today is 12/3/08 and I saw your mother here where I work. I haven't seen her in almost 20 years, it was great to see her. (Outside of work would've been better of course) Anyway, I'll catch you on Facebook, and anything I can do to help you reach your goal, let me know. Best of luck to you and yours.

NameTobin Burgess
Date2008 Oct 08
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MessageI am signing in to my best friend Kev's blog. So proud of the guy!


NameLeo Sevigny
Date2008 Oct 07
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MessageKevin, great post about your run in with Charlie Engle...super inspirational -- now I know why you wanted me to check out your site!


NameAlan Culpepper
Date2008 Jul 24
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Messagehey kev, nice blog! Maybe I should start one from Beijing?

NameLeete, Michele
Date2008 Jun 11
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MessageCongrats guy! Sorry I missed your run in Wyoming. Where did you run? How is everything with work? I'm getting ready to head out to patrol the lake. It's a nice gig. Shorts, polo and a boat. Good luck on your next run.

Date2008 Jun 09
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MessageSuzanne thinks you should run the Steamtown Marathon for your PA run. How the heck are you doing two marathons in two days! What are you, some kind of Maniac smilie

NameDave Bell
Date2008 Jun 05
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MessageHi Kevin,

I just checked out your blog from the link on the Maniacs site. Then I realized (from your pictures) you passed me around mile 10-11 at Fargo and said that you were going to be joining the Maniacs (I was wearing my Maniacs yellow). Anyway, as a fellow Coloradan (I live in Highlands Ranch), just wanted to say welcome to the Maniacs and that I really enjoyed reading your blog race reports. Good luck in your pursuit of the states (I'm also a 50 Stater and on the club board of directors - so if you ever have questions feel free to contact me).

Dave Bell
Maniacs #212

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