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Private Message added 2013-02-05

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MessageHi Martin ... i still take an interest ... inhibited by a medical condition that shows me down a lot ... do what i can ... enjoy your blogs ... best wishes ... kingsley

NameWestley Ingram
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MessageDear Martin,

I have never read you Blog before (It's very good thank you) and notice you have a picture of me on it. I didn't realise there were any pictures of me as Fred Flintstone around. I will assume this means I am now famous.

Good luck and God bless,


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MessageMany thanks for the link to OllyKate - at LAST I've seen a photograph of Sofia! I remember her fascination with the Christmas tree bauble... and was a bit concerned she might bring the tree/house down! much love CX smilie

Private Message added 2012-12-27

Namesister Charlotte
MessageItalian film! maybe you would like to come to the Chet ItSoc film in Jan... if you want I will fwd the guff we get at the start of the year and then you can decide.
Thanks for your encouraging email. See you domani. xxx smilie smilie smilie

Private Message added 2012-11-22

NameTerence Lee
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Messagehello ~ smilie

Private Message added 2012-10-29

NameEd Grimsdale
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I'm coming to the end of writing a book to celebrate 100 years of the Bournemouth Symphony Chorus. The Chorus commissioned Richard Blackford's "Not in OUr Time" for the occasion and it was performed in Cheltenham Town Hall. You were there and reviewed the piece on your blog

That piece included a splendid image which would make such an impact in the book. Are you prepared to allow me to copy it, please? What acknowledgement would you like to appear in the tag?

Many thanks,


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