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NameRachel Godfrey
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MessageMinutes after I wrote that we had to cancel our trip to England due to a medical emergency, I found this poem in a file of one of my ancestors:


Just once to gaze on English landscape fair,
Through deep green-shadowed lanes to stray;
Just once to breathe the soft sea-laden air,
In hallowed English fanes to pray!
Just once to touch the people's ancient life,
Where yet it lingers far from toil and strife.

Thus oft we crave -- we of the English race,
Our souls deep-rooted in the past --
Not loving less our own abiding place
The young land where our lot is cast --
Our heritage -- a good land fair to see
Through all the years still this her glory be -
Unbroken faith -- unshaken loyalty.

Toronto M. Algon Kirby

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NameVirginia Charlotte Sandbach
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MessageHi, I deal with the Press for the upcoming Guiting Festival 2014, which runs from July 25th -August 3rd inclusive.
We have been established in the Cotswolds for the last 44 years and our annual event proudly features world-class performers from the Classical,Jazz and Folk Worlds.This year we present: Ivan Yanakov and the London Chamber Players, Guitarist Morgan Szymanski with "O Duo", Four-hands piano, Charles Owen & Katya Apekisheva, Elisabeth Streichert and the Pythagoras Ensemble, Jason Rebello's Trio and Quartet (OUTDOOR), Swing from Paris, Sophia Lisovskaya on piano, Gwilym Simcock's Jazz Quintet, Violinist Jennifer Pike and for our last indoor show, the world-renowned Imogen Cooper. Our final night, outdoors, features Peter Knight, formerly of Steeleye Span, with his folk band Gigspanner, highlighted by folk singer Megan Henwood.
For further details, visit our website:
Come and enjoy!!

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Namejohn shipton
MessageHello Martin

Thanks very much for your interesting comments and photographs of our walks. great stuff and thanks again, also compliments of the season to you and will see you in the new year

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