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MessageWinston, you are so right about AW. That is why I am happy that I have my Filipina fiancee who I actually met on a church mission to the Philippines. She does not care if I am rich or good looking. She only cares that I love her, am responsible, and will be faithful. I never have to worry that she will become uninterested in me cuz she has the same trait other Filipinas have which is being loyal to their man. I do hope you find the person you are meant to be with cuz no one deserves to be alone. Don't let anyone bring you down either cuz they will make you as miserable as they are. Anyways, good luck to you my friend! smilie

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Messagethat was just what i needed to know. i always blame myself, but i now can really let go of a person that is not like me. they are not wrong or right i am not right or wtrong we are different. thanks you, so much.

NameJeff Glendening
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Messagesmilie Hey Wu, I have been to your site and it truly opened my eyes. Due to my visits, my most favorite places in the world are now the Philippines (where my mom was born), the Mediterranean area, Russia, Japan, and New Zealand. The Philippines is my all-time favorite place of the five aforementioned (I might possibly move there someday). I think in my opinion, Europe's cities are better designed than the mostly disjointed ones in the U.S. I wish the cities, communities, and transportation systems here in the U.S. were designed like the ones in Europe and the Mediterranean so the average American citizen (including myself) won't have so many of the problems that you mentioned in your site. I'm just sick of having to be stuck in traffic and having to feel lonesome all the time! Thank you for making this website. I enjoyed visiting it. smilie

NameThe Final Solution?!
You're just the kind of person I need in my organisation. Single-minded and not afraid that people. I read between the lines of Germany's most prominent exsitential works and come to some extraordinary outside-of-the-box comclusions. I too want peace. A Peace Poland, A peace of France. this list goes on!
Anyways, I'm setting it up in Berlin. Have you been? I hope you will join us. It should be ready about 70 years ago.

See you soon,

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MessageVery accurate depiction of usa women in alot of peoples opinions apparently. Europe produces the top models in the world. Cities like prague and budapest are the best for women if you ask me..And if you ask alot of photographers around the world, then they will say the same thing. The majority of women in europe are slim and fit. WHich means when you browse them on myspace you dont have to place a check mark next to slim/slender or athletic category because the majority of them are already skinny. In the USA i often find myself placing a check mark next to slim/slender or athletic or a combination of the two. Due to the facts that america is the most over weight country in the world.. Isnt that amazing? all that money but yet no idea how to work out or eat right? I go to the gyms and i see zero women working out. I go to college gyms. Same thing. Alot of women just like to go out and drink on the weekends. Without any idea that alcohol lowers metabolism by over 30 percent even on once a week drinking. And it prohibits protein synthesis within muscle fibers. Alot of college women i see around the usa have flabby and loose looking arms. To me thats just not attractive. I like women with toned, tight and fit arms. So this is why I prefer europe women. Everyone whos new to this. I suggest you browse czech, hungarian , russian or basically any country in europe for the best looking women. You will find what you want there.. Thanks

Nameone of the smug and entitled
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MessageWow. I can only give my opinion on this and obviously can't claim to speak for all American women, but as a 21-year-old, fairly well-adjusted and reasonably attractive (I won't say "hot," but I have no trouble getting laid if I want to) college student, I have to say you are one of the most pathetic human beings whose existence I've ever had the misfortune to discover. No wonder you couldn't get dates; you know what turns most women off? It's not your physical appearance so much as your completely disgusting sense of entitlement. Want to know why women seem hostile sometimes when men approach us? Because you treat us like we're objects, "hot, desirable white women" that you fantasize about instead of REAL HUMAN BEINGS. Try interacting with women like they have personalities instead of just C cups, and see if that gets you a little farther. Because you know what? We're people too, who feel sad and scared and isolated and confused sometimes just like you did. But that would never occur to you, would it, because you're too busy trying to get our clothes off so you can have some sort of transcendent experience that probably lasts for about 5 minutes at best.

Oh and also? Ever heard of a double standard? I can't believe how much you complain about women who are fat, ugly or unattractive, because news flash: You're not exactly the best-looking guy either. So maybe lower your standards to, oh I don't know, your own level and you'd have some more luck.

Reply: My God. Your response is typical of a dumbed down public who doesn't have a clue what I'm talking about and who is programmed and conditioned to believe that anyone who doesn't thrive in the system or fit into it, is "the problem".

Nothing you say is relevant to my situation or to anything. Of course I treat women nicely. I have a lot of interests and am open and friendly. It's not my fault that people in the US live in bubbles and think it's normal and do not talk to strangers unless it's business related? It's not my fault that American girls are so picky and think they are too good for most guys. It's not my fault that the US has the WORST dating scene for men in the world. The blame isn't on my shoulders. See here for a list of reasons why:

And also these ten reasons:

None of your advice gets any results. I do not treat women like sex objects. I like conversation too. But if every girl wants to be alone and doesn't even take the time to talk to me, then it's NOT my fault or my problem. Duh. I can't lower my standards and force myself to be attracted to someone I'm not, and neither can you. That's the reality. Duh! And besides, my standards are not that high anyway. I like lots of plain looking girls. Your words are purely emotional, not logical.

Face it, the US is one of the worst places for dating, social life and mental health. I've presented a ton of proof in my ebook and pictures.

Case closed. You lose.

PS - As far as you being well adjusted to a sick dysfunctional society, you might heed the words of this Indian Philosopher:

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

And also:

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” - Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher

NameDr. Heerser
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MessageDear Author,
I have read your whole essay and many of your viewpoints coincide with the viewpoints of The Movement. We are working on a philosophy to once and for all defeat all self-help gurus. The right way of thinking is not the immanent-idealism-solipsism of the New Age. The right way of thinking is presenting truth claims about the Objective world surrounding us. Like you quoted: "Two ways of being fooled: A accepting what is not true, B rejecting what is true. We are in need of people with a constructive outlook like yourself. If we have evoked your curiosity, feel free to contact us and exchange thoughts. This we would welcome.

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MessageWinston, You are right on. I have lived in many parts of the country as a former military wife. I have observed the populations in the different parts of the country. The statements made "depressed job market, no opportunity, dead end low paying jobs (with no opportunity to advance), dead beats (and panhandlers abound), lack of culture (oh yeah)" and more. But woe to the person that points out all the minuses to someone who is from that arrid land. They get very defensive. The comments I got were "This a beautiful area" (granted) but you can't live on "beautiful" or pay your bills or provide adequately for your children. As far as beautiful is concerned-Have you seen Montana, upstate New York, Vermont, Virginia, Kentucky, Oregan coastline, the Hatteras in N.Carolina, Eastern Texas, Alaska, and least but not last Hawaiian Islands? Lets talk beautiful. But I can almost guess the majority of Bellinghamites have not seen the rest of their own country.
My former was from Bellingham and I followed him back to his home against my better judgement after his departure from the military.

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MessageWINSTON you beautiful man.
I was searching for this essay online many times.
It came to me at a moment where I am free.
Congratulations on your words of wisdom and
creation. I shall look into making a feature film
out of these stories someday. Although mine,
could very well be one to tell.
Complete and utter truth.
You made my day, and I shall forward this info. even
more so than i already have to those in danger.
Bless the study, and my honest care and sympathy
to those who are to face these circumstances.
They always happen to us for a reason.

Bodhi is out !

MessageThis is the most idiotic, ignorant, stupid thing in the world. The more you write, the more your bigoted, patronizing ideas are revealed. And not only that but the calibre of your mind. I pity you!

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