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MessageAccording to my latest information the green cross marks are painted already continuously among Klastrompuszta and Dobogókő. Underway you can take two short detours on the paths of green triangle marks to nice lookout points.

I wish a good hike along the Blue Trail! If you will have any problem, write into the Guestbook! I read it every day!

MessageSzia Hörpölin,
köszönöm szépen!! Thank you so much for your answer and sorry for my late reply! That is very helpful, now I know what to do smilie I'm starting the tour on Sunday and I am very excited and looking forward to it smilie

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MessageHello Julia,

It is a good idea to walk a longer section on the Blue Trail! I undertand you to avoid Budapest, I can recommend a very simple solution. If you reach Klastrompuszta village, at the ruins of the former monastery you have to make a shortcut to Dobogókő on the path of yellow strip, and later on the path of green cross marks. The Blue Trail makes a big omega bend to Budapest, and between Klastrompuszta and Dobogókő is its narrow "neck".

If you have other questions, write me, please!

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MessageSzia hörpölin!
Thank you so much for your great website, it's wonderful what you created there and so helpful! I am planning to walk on the Kéktura for two or three weeks at the end of May - I would like to start somewhere close to Tatabánya and I was wondering if you know a good shortcut to avoid going to Budapest? On the map it looks like it must be possible and since I've been to Budapest several times I would prefer to skip that section and go on walking in the nature smilie I would be happy about any advice you can give smilie
Köszönöm szépen!
Üdv, Julia

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MessageI have written an answer e-mail to the sender of the private message!

Private Message added 2017-09-07

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MessageHello Kirk,
I sent a mail with my advices! smilie

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MessageGreetings from Toronto:
I am planning to be in Budapest for about 3 weeks from mid-October and I would like to spend perhaps 5 days or so walking the Kektura. I'm very glad to have found your website.

I have read one of your notes where you write that you walked a 300 km long section taking daily trips from Budapest to Geresce, Pilis, Buda Mountains, Borzsony, etc. Could you provide me with any links that would be helpful for me to walk this section?

And is mid-October a good time to be walking the Kektura? Not too cold or snowy?

I appreciate any information you can provide.
Koszonom Szepen

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Messageno problem, but we are so happy to hear something about you, we were afraid something was wrong.

many greetings,


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MessageI'm fine, but I'm very busy! I have read your e-mail, but I didn't have time to answer it (or I was a little bit lasy, don't know)!
I wish a happy new year to the hiker team, and I hope, we will meet this year!
smilie smilie

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