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NameRobert Guildig
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MessageUltraguest appears to no longer be a company with employees. there seems to be no one to answer support questions. If you leave a message here I will not see it unless I manually check. email notifications do not work.

NameMichael Rutkaus
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MessageThanks for your Clarion pin out diagram, a gentleman in the Antiqueradios forum pointed me to it when I asked for such info on the Clarion RF-411l. It seems identical.

NameRobert Guildig
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MessageTo anyone who posted here, my apologies if I did not respond. bizarrely many of the guestbook post from 2017 and before only now showed up in 2020. the guest book is not the best way to ask me questions. Leaving a comment as well would be a good idea. Also I do not seem to get a notification each time the guest book is signed. also ultraguest appears to be dead.

NameKent Ashton
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MessageHi, Nice blog. I liked the integrated variac-isolation transformer-meters setup for testing old radios. Also, the answer to your wife's "What happens to us" and the Sansui 7070 story. I have only recapped an old Heathkit amp but want to do more of what you're doing. However, most of my present hobbies are mechanical-based and the electronic stuff gets put on the back-burner. Oh, yeah, I have rebuilt Acoustic Research AR-4x and AR-3ax speakers. That was fun.

Keep posting.
Concord, NC

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MessageI just had a NEWCOMB B-100A come in for repair.
It is similar to the older NEWCOMB you have posted here on this site. But it has a Tape Recorder RCA Jack on the back, along with the Headphone jack.

Biggest issue with it was the Speaker Transformer, the primary winding had opened up.

Plus, I don't have a Tube Checker.
Best I can do is check the heater filaments on the Tubes.

Also the Schematic for it was scorched, and chew on by mice. smilie

I gave it back to the customer, and said it was going to get more expensive to repair, than what the radio was really worth.

NameAdam Dube
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MessageHello - I saw your post on the M730 radio - just got one, almost all apart but I cannot figure out the dial removal or why it's holding me up from removing the radio from the case....any help would be great. Your restoration blog here is awesome, cannot wait to get mine fixed up nice



NameMarlin Mackley
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MessageHello, I found your web site looking for info on my Blonder Tongue R-20 radio, and was pleased to see there is at least one more out there!

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MessageHello! I have read your blog about the Emerson 641b. I just bought one and am a little lost. It seems to be working except that there is a lot of static. When I change the tuner, nothing changes - just static.

I would love to have a conversation with you - maybe by phone as I'd like to get this fixed quickly (a gift for someone)! You could probably get me on the right track right away. Maybe you could lead me to a good source for parts.

Anyway, if you or anyone who reads this can help, I would appreciate it! If you send me an email I will send you my phone number if you are willing to talk with me. All advice is appreciated!

Tracy in Tennessee [post a message on for help with your radio.]

Namemark hagen
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MessageI am thinking about buying this 1975 crown. what do you think of this year?

troy idaho

NameAlbert Allen Kaffenberger, Sr.
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MessageYou guys are great!
ARIZONA BORN, In 1979-1981, I was a "U.S. Army Special Forces (Airborne) Medical Specialist" assigned to ODA 234, 12th Special Forces Group, 6201 E. Oak Street, Phoenix , Arizona; garrisoned behind the "Arizona National Guard Headquarters" near "Papago Mountain". There were 14 of us "Green Berets" in ODA 234, 14 more in ODA 235 (Tucson, Arizona). 28 Green Berets assigned to aid in the defense of Arizona.
In warmer months of 1981, my unit was (an officially sanctioned military duty parachute jump) parachuted from military "Bell UH-i" utility helicopters, onto the improvised "rough terrain" parachutists' "drop zone" at Florence Military Reservation. We exited the bird (aircraft) at the usual 2400 feet AGL....but upon nearing the ground, we were landing in a desert countaining MANY old abandoned rusted out cars, pickups, etc. from the 1920-1960s. They were arranged in neat little rows like a "parking lot"...much the "aircraft boneyards" in Tucson.
To avoid getting "cut to shreds" on rusted metal, I did canopy control, to land on what appeared to be open ground. It was a flat BOULDER, bigger around than I am tall; my first impact with it, was my right hip. I broke my back and neck in 7 places. The "Department of Veterans Affairs" has been absolutely denying that such an accident ever happened, or was even possible. I first filed my "disability compensation claim" in 1984...but have been unable to return home to photograph the area at FMR. Any more PICS?

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