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NameAlbert Allen Kaffenberger, Sr.
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MessageYou guys are great!
ARIZONA BORN, In 1979-1981, I was a "U.S. Army Special Forces (Airborne) Medical Specialist" assigned to ODA 234, 12th Special Forces Group, 6201 E. Oak Street, Phoenix , Arizona; garrisoned behind the "Arizona National Guard Headquarters" near "Papago Mountain". There were 14 of us "Green Berets" in ODA 234, 14 more in ODA 235 (Tucson, Arizona). 28 Green Berets assigned to aid in the defense of Arizona.
In warmer months of 1981, my unit was (an officially sanctioned military duty parachute jump) parachuted from military "Bell UH-i" utility helicopters, onto the improvised "rough terrain" parachutists' "drop zone" at Florence Military Reservation. We exited the bird (aircraft) at the usual 2400 feet AGL....but upon nearing the ground, we were landing in a desert countaining MANY old abandoned rusted out cars, pickups, etc. from the 1920-1960s. They were arranged in neat little rows like a "parking lot"...much the "aircraft boneyards" in Tucson.
To avoid getting "cut to shreds" on rusted metal, I did canopy control, to land on what appeared to be open ground. It was a flat BOULDER, bigger around than I am tall; my first impact with it, was my right hip. I broke my back and neck in 7 places. The "Department of Veterans Affairs" has been absolutely denying that such an accident ever happened, or was even possible. I first filed my "disability compensation claim" in 1984...but have been unable to return home to photograph the area at FMR. Any more PICS?

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NameKathi Guildig
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MessageI miss you my honey!!! hugs kisses

NameKathi Petz-Guildig
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MessageThank you Robert for 15 years of kisses, hugs, and unrelenting understanding. You are my hero, you big stud....
Your honeybun,

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MessageHoly Crap, Robert in the hell are you? I have not seen you, nor any of the ol' gang in a month of Sunday's. I use to keep in random touch with Alan, but even he seems to have fallen off the face of the earth.

How's life been treating you and Cathy?


NameLarry & Susan McNevin
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MessageWe are so sorry! That was very sad.
Our hearts & prayers are with the family.

Phoenix, AZ

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MessageThis hands down was your best post, too bad it is after Pam left us. I miss her deeply and our family will never be the, same because of her!

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Messagei keep signin this thing..not sure where the heck it goes or if anyone actually sees anyways hi out there from this side of the planet smilie

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Messagesmilie ..just like snoopin through a siblings

NameThe REAL Robert Guildig
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MessageWhere is the pix of the little girl shooting
down the airplane ??
"Give me another quarter"

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