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MessageWhistle flower in victim

Dated: 26/04/2011

I am DR. B. RAMASWAMY currently working as a Regional Director of one deemed University Delhi campus New Delhi.

The periyar group of D.K movement in alliance with DMK took subsidized land from DDA Delhi Govt in 2002. Now it is 2011 yet there are no educational activities taking place. Instead of using for the educational purpose they use the building for the political party activities, commercial activities and even started hotel with guest house facilities.

When I protested to the VC and to the management they are harassing me to resign for the last 3 months.

I want to bring out this story with complete fact.

PH: 9999605344

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MessageLets build a team to beat these bastards.. lets come to-gather, we should start to demolish the corrupted people from the bottom...

lets start from the peon, cause right now we are not in a position to stop the top notch..

start from small and low... take the julus of bastard who so ever ask bribe...

dont wait... enough is enough

lets start...

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MessageGreat Website!
Read some interesting and relavent content on courruption at www dot ipaidabribe dot com/blog. Do have a look! smilie

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MessageIn Gujarat government is doing ideological appointment in class -1 and class-2 cadre and no one candidate dare to go against to narendra modi to reveal facts. persons from influential family of rss, abvp bjp and ias, ips cadre are being selected in the last exam of state public service commission. even the social equation works here like a ticket for election.... mockery of democracy is happing in all selection procedures like medical officer, public prosecutor( fight going on still in supreme)dysp, mamlatdar, tdo, so and even sub inspector and clerk like post. I am ashamed of being ruled by this highly corrupt government and even social activist are praising the governance of modiji in Gujarat.
In the last examination of class1/2 modiji and his men drafted the entire result and parted among his near and dear organisation to make Gujarat secure and safe for ruling with his own soldiers in bureaucratic establishment... Have you ever heard that in description paper of public service commission a person can get 189 marks out of 200 . yes it happens in Gujarat.. even students who doesn't know capital of Assam passed as class 1 .... because he writes like a hardcore Gujarati in answer sheet rather than a mature and secular bureaucrat..... this is the answer you people are finding regarding good governance in Gujarat. smilie smilie

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Messagecorruption has become a "Right" for the indians,they use this as they are born with this talent,India is going either way,corruption will bloom like wild grasse covering every bit of the field or a wildfire will burn down the whole forest,God save India because it is now out of people's hand since there is no economic equality in the masses, think Delhi traffic stops, you'll see people knocking on Audi,BMW windows begging penny, this is no good ........and hey just a reminder , Indians are no patriots , they just want to be & the fruitless trial goes on.

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MessageI feel very proud to join this site to raise voice against corruption.

Namesay later
MessageIn india huge corruption happened for obtaining contract from local bodies of different cities for waste management and water projects. A Karnataka based company given and offer crores for that. politicians, IAS officers are involved. Thread- Pondichery, Hubli, Raipur. Inform this to tehelka like agencies and explore it.

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MessageParallel economy in Central excise. Companies pay monthly to Excise inspector, who shares some part of it with Superintendent. Superintendents pass share to Asst. commissioner and the same go till Finance Ministry. It is a well known and I had been part of it in representing my company and sending share to Inspector. Same is the case with Preventive and Audit dept. of Central excise. There is no proof but is a well known fact.

NameAnilkumar BVN
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MessageDear Sir/Madam,

Nice to see innovative ways of fighting corruption like using blogs to post/ preparing list of honest officers... etc.

With more and more people working on RTI, and spreading about RTI and working as a big team,I hope one day we will reduce the risk of exposing corruption.

By people like us using RTI and spreading RTI, people like us can help whistle blowers like you by reducing the risk.

Wish you all the best and safety in all the eforts

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