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Private Message added 2023-03-26

NamePete williams
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MessageTell me, is the ginger/white cat in the personal jpegs, the famous 'Bulgy' of the weighing scales saga?

i found this page whilst recalling childhood memories and recalling what a brilliant columnist 'cassandra' was.
I too have a much dog-eared book of some of his musing.

NameBenjamin Gosling
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Messagevia Wikipedia and curiosity about such a much-spoken-of character from my youth. Thank you for 'filling us in.'

NameTess L Dedman
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MessageI used to hang around Henley on Thames in 1970 thru 1972 long before I moved to the USA in 1980. Frank was among those people at gatherings, and I was reminded of him just this weekend, listening to some music of that time. So I started searching what I knew of his dad to see if I could find him, and found your piece about his dad, and that Frank had given you permission and some photos.
Any chance you can share any contact information you have for him, or perhaps a social media site? Kind regards,

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Private Message added 2021-01-20

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NameM Archer
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MessageMy parents always bought the Daily Mirror , and , as a child , 8 when the war ended , I always read Cassandras articles ..I derived a lot of pleasure from them , and he probably helped to form my views ..I remember him as being very liberal. Such an impression he made, that I have remembered him till this day, and on searching, was very pleased to find this article about him. If only we had journalists of such quality today!

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