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NameEvangelist,Timothy E. Kane
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MessageGood Day to you,in the name of our blessed LORD JESUS CHRIST,who has redeemed us with HIS precious BLOOD,to make us all joint heirs with HIM in HIS glorius kingdom.I just want to say hello to all of you from Phoenix,AZ.GOD bless,and hope to receive E-Mail from time to time. Bless the LAMB!! Bro Tim.

Namemark gilliam
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Messageyou all keep up the wonderful work your doing for the love of jesus christ. HOLD FAST!! HE IS COMMING SOON!!!! C-YALL IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

NameChris Holmes
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MessagePraise GOD that's the kind of preaching I like.I'm telling everybody at church about your site.Pray for us ,we'll be sure to pray for you.Great ministry here.Keep it up.God Bless.

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MessageStay with the word-it sounds good to me. I was brought up in holiness from generations of holiness preachers in my family. Only the truth will stand-the word of God. Holiness without which no man shall see the Lord.
Accept Jesus and be born of the water and of the Spirit. The Holy Ghost will bear witness with the truth and with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. We will be required of what we know.
And church hold on-we are on a journey with Jesus. We suffer for His glory . Afterwhile we will be able to step into the fulness thereof, if we endure.
He will never leave thee nor forsake thee. smilie

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MessageBrother and Sister Myers,

I am so grateful for your web site!
Thank you so much for your dedication to God.I listen to Bro.Myers preaching every day.It keeps me going.God Bless you always.

Private Message added 2008-03-09

NameBro. & Sis. Marcum
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MessageHello Bro. & Sis. Meyers:
We pray all is well with you and the church.Praise the Lord for ministers who still stand for the truth. Praise the Lord for the Pastor Lonnie Hill. I have never met him nor know who he is but, praise God for standing for HOLINESS. We need more to stand for the old paths as God says in his word. But people are so deceived and think they can do anything, say anything, think anything (all pertaining to Christians) and still make Heaven their home. smilie According to the word of God I don't think so. Keep preaching and standing for Holiness Bro. Meyers. We here in Newport, KY sometimes feel we are all alone smilie but, God said He would be with us alway. Praise His Holy Name.
God Bless you all!

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MessageGood morning!
Ive just listened 2 the preaching of yours.
Its really good and it inspired me.
thank you!
May god be with you!
Ramona from Germany...

NameRev Lonnie T. Hill
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MessageI heard about you and your website from a precious lady from a church I used to Pastor (Reid Chapel Church of God). I have been pastoring for approximately 38 years in the Church of God in Mississippi. About 10 years ago I started a Church based on the Original Standard of the Church of God because the Church of God has left that standard of Holiness and has embraced a worldly standard (backslidden). I am still with the Church of God but I don't know how long that will last. I have a great church of a about 60 young folks that are not in the Church of God and will never be. They are holiness folk. We bought property built a nice building but nothing we deeded with Church of God on it, we deeded it in our name, New Bethel Holiness Church. I only use the good brethren from the Holiness Fellowship to preach revivals because Church of God preacher in our State are as worldly as a "goose". I do not join my friends in the Holiness fellowship because I don't go as far to the right as they do. I place myself somewhere between conservative Church of God and the Holiness Fellowship. If I could ever find a group that believed like I do, I would join them in a heart beat. If the Church of God ever fully ordains women-I'M OUT whether I find another group or not. My phone number is 662-647-5595 call me and/or email me sometime. I would probably put you on my list of possible evangelist if you would be willing to drive all the way to North MIssissippi.

NameGraham Chancey
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MessageJust stopped by to check out the site. It's very nice. We enjoyed the fellowship the other night. I hope we can do it again soon. God Bless!

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