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NameMary Hyder
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MessageYour work is truly amazing and stands head and shoulders above anything else I have seen. Atmospheric is the adjective that most easily springs to mind - something I strive to achieve in my miniature work but also something which I never seem to achieve.
Thank you for sharing your work with the rest of us poor mortals who can only watch and weep!

NameCarol Arnott
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MessageHello Vic,

I am in the process of building a large Tudor house (from a kit!) and I have just been thumbing through some old copies of Dolls House World and other publications and came across an article written about you in 2003 so I decided to have a look at your web site. How glad I am that I did - it is so inspirational! I am just so envious of your obvious talents. In the article it says that you work from a craft centre - is it possible to visit and, if so, when are you open. I live in Kidderminster and, therefore, am not too far away.

May I wish you a Happy Christmas and a very prosperous 2008 - you deserve it!

Carol Arnott

NameDr. Guy Nowlan
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MessageDear Mr. Newey,
I was so impressed by the amazing workmanship & meticulous details you have created these models with. It truly is a piece of art to keep in a museum for generations to come. Thank you so much for sharing the fruit of your labor with the Internet community to enjoy.
I have bought an old country water turbine powered combined sawmill-flourmill that was closed in 1954 with the goal of restoring it & donating it to the town for generations to come. The former operator is deceased & the few remaining survivors if any have moved away. I attempt to rebuild it using rare pictures of the days. Your models are so well constructed & detailed that I would like to use them as prototype to fill missing information for the building I am restoring at my own expense.
Could you send me more pics showing other views of your constructions by email? I would really help me adding details to a construction over 100 years old that I was too young to understand at the time it worked.
Thank you so much,

[email protected] HELLO GUY, I SENT YOU AN EMAIL - VIC

Namejulie neveu
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageOh. My. God.
You can't imagine how amazed I am since I discovered your univers of miniatura!! It is e-xac-tly what I was dreaming on!! I 'd love to come and see you and your staff for a workshop or to have the big honor to meet you!!
Is there a way to come and visit you??
Please, let me know, I'm completly under charmed!
Thanks, Julie, your first admirator!
julie. [email protected] I EMAILED YOU - VIC

Locationclick picture for more information
MessageI love this site. I'm just starting to work on my doll house. So I have been searching for ideas. Wish me luck. GOOD LUCK! I HOPE IT TURNS OUT O.k. Vic

NameGloria Lightsey-Lightsey
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageHello, Vic. It was wonderful to find your website. I saved a magazine called Victoria from March of 1999 which has an article called, "English Dollhouses: Delights on a Small Scale. Of course your incredible, artistic, and presice craftsmanship was displayed in photographs in this article. Your sought-after design, "The Yeoman's Cottage" was on one of the photos. I noticed on your website that this particular cottage was not listed. Have you discontinued making it?

I collected only miniatures as a child. I only fantasized about having a dollhouse and to this day I continue to enjoy looking at dollhouses and marveling at the designers like yourself.

Thank you for sharing your imagination in such a beautiful way and I know that you must be happy to have your daughter involved in creating your miniatures!



NameCarla Rider
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageAwsome work! Can I come work for you?? You're among the greats, such as Krupick! Wow!

Great site too. Would have loved to see more interiors, though.

NameJulie Down
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageI found your link among many others, and yours had me agog with the stunning detail. This is such a fantastic way of spending a Saturday afternoon, and just seeing what's out there!

Thank you so much for inviting us to wander through your "homes".

NameJane Morton
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageHi Vic,

First time on your web site and it's really great. Jenny and I get a great kick out of our street scenes and we are eagerly awaiting the Cotswold Mill. Though I am wondering about a castle!!!!

All the best


NameAnna McNab
Locationclick picture for more information
MessageHi my name is Anna, thankyou so much for showing your beautiful houses. I just love them. I might have to get my own laptop so I can view without interruptions.

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