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Predictionmetal will never die
Slogan you live bywhat doesn't kill me makes me stronger
Playlistiron maiden, black label society, wasp, manowar
Messagenate, your a mutant with metal flowing through your veins. my daughter has been listening to iron maiden since the womb and now we watch vh1 classic metal mania together. come to www.bryanmartin.indiegroup.com

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PredictionNo cure for schizoholism
Slogan you live byPlay, Live, [email protected]#k hard and fast
PlaylistCannibal Corpse and GodFlesh
MessageHey Nate, cool site, Thanx for all you do! Making sure mt drunk basss player and guitar player make it home safe!!!!!!!!! The photo review is awesome, thanx again.

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PredictionScott will break a string next practice.. lol
Slogan you live byKeep it evil and Evil will come
PlaylistPantera, Disturbed....top gun soundtrack.. hehe
MessageHey Nate,

I like the site man very cool - but where is all the boobs man? On a serious note Id like to thank you for all of your support with everything from coming to all the shows, to promoting us and our site and driving our drunk asses home after the show!!!!You rock dude.


Nametitans energy
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Predictiontime to rise
Slogan you live bylive forever
Playlistjudas priest
Messagehey ace, just checking out the site .thanks for everything.(schizopathic)(titans energy) smilie smilie smilie

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PredictionI predict you will be struch by a GammaRay in the
Slogan you live byI wanna rock!
Playlist402 cds
MessageHey good job on the website!
I need some advise regarding the apparent corperal possesion I seem to be experiencing ever since I ate a weird pringle. smilie HELP!

NameAce Warloch
Locationclick picture for more information
PredictionThat what once was, will be again.
Slogan you live byAll thunder and even more lightning!
PlaylistKamelot, Gamma Ray, Fates Warning, and Aerosmith.
MessageThe realm of Legendary Kingdoms has finally arrived to help defend the Sacred Metal Flame and support ALL local music. The site is locally owned and operated on by Ace Warloch. Please leave your nukes at home. \m/ smilie

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