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PredictionAce Warloch will NOT be the next president
Slogan you live bylouder faster and HEAVIER!!!!!!!!!!
Playlistoverkill, slayer, 3 inches of blood
MessageSorry Ace but you stand no chance of winning the election and that is because they are all bloodly fixed. have fun trying though haha also ive noticed you use the word "soon" alot but never do anything soon. You obviously need some heads workin for U. well goodluck with the politics crap. and have something new up by the next time I come back or I will be upset. smilie

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Slogan you live byIf U Can't B-Good- B-Nasty
MessageI sing for the COVER band B-Nasty and I also Host the Keeping it Local-Minnesota myspace site. I read your bullitin and know where you are coming from. I too work a full time job in a foundry in St. Cloud. Its tough to manage everything. August 23rd, Keeping it Local, along with DMan Ent. will be hosting a fundraiser for the St. Cloud V.A. Hospital at Trobec's Event Center in St. Joeseph MN. Also Summer Jam 2008 will be August 16th at The Rox Bar, downtown St.Cloud. Come join the fun, check out the unsigned bands.

Nametitans energy
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Predictionsummer will come
Slogan you live byso many
Messagehey nate ,. i checked out the links.i saw the pic with lassie in it and almost died laughing .thanks for all that you do.the beast. smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie

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Slogan you live byErrrrrrrrr
Messagesmilie Nate, I have a new banner for you to use send me your e-mail and I will get it to you!

NameJeff Junge
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PredictionSome chick will shoot me down
Slogan you live byI bleed red but my heart is made of metal
MessageWe must find a way to bring back open mic night somewhere and preferably on a Friday or Saturday. It's very Un-Metal not having an open mic night around. smilie

Nametitans energy
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Predictionlife will go on
Slogan you live byparty with schizo fans ,they rule
Messagejust wanted to say thanks to you, jeff junge, jason hickman for coming to the battle.you guys are great.jason if you read this . i will see you at the eagels club to rock ...great to hear everyone had fun.i raise a toast to all my brothers. mike .titans energy

Nametitans energy
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Slogan you live bystay hungry
Messagehey ace , dont let those people get to you ....if you were so guilty of things, then why would someone destroy your website????? adults do not take such childish actions. second since this is america (freedom of speech)you are allowed to write bad reviews. i know you didnt ,but you still have the right to say what you want. the first thing a musician must learn is that not everyone is going to like them...sorry but it is the truth. the people are our judges.so anyone who stands against you in this to me needs to relize all of this, most of all move the f:ck on.().. keep up the great work.

Nametitans energy
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Predictiontime will tell all
Slogan you live bya force to be wreckend with
Messagehey nate welcome back. your website needs to return, death to all who oppose it.hate is such a waste of time .still the wind and rain.the storm is on the rise.and so forth.thanks for everything .

NameJT "Riff-Raff" Awesome
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PredictionWILD win the Stanley cup
Slogan you live byWin if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat
PlaylistIced Earth, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Bolt Thrower
MessageAwesome Wes House tribute, awesome drummer, awesome guy!! smilie

NameJeff Junge
Locationclick picture for more information
PredictionWithin 2 years a new local metal scene will emerge
Slogan you live byI bleed red but my heart is made of metal
PlaylistThat's always changing
MessageHey man, I just thought I'd sign your guest book. I tried to write you a long a$$ E mail the other day but my computer f$cked up and I lost it. I was to pissed to re type the whole thing. I hope we can have a jam session this weekend. Later, Jeff smilie

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