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NameSamuel Svita
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MessageHallo Kraan, This is sam svita from the states. I have some sad news to imform you, My uncle daniel svita passed away just a few days ago. He was a huge fan of your music, had some great records of yours, posted some pictures he took while in germany on your website, as well as influenced me to check out your music. Please try to contact me through email.
Take care,
Sam Svita smilie

MessageHow to email you?
well - they exist out there but at crazy prices.
At cdandlp-dot-com 47 euro
and at gemm-dot-com at 142 euro

NameDoug Vencill
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MessageIf anyone who reads this knows where a CD pressing of Hellmut Hattler's 1977 solo album BASSBALL might exist, please Email me as soon as possible. I have loved this album from the day it was released, and I apparently missed out on its 2 separate CD releases. I am a huge fan of Hellmut's work, as well as Kraan, and I hope to hear from anyone who may have information about this. My address is oliasdoug at cox dot net. Thank you! Peace/Love to all.......Doug

MessageWill Hattler play at hellnæs in Denmark 2011 ?

NameBenno Höck
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Er der nogen her der kender til at Helmut Haatler skal spille på en festival i DK ( Helnæs ) i år og om man kan købe biletter ????

Hilsen Benno smilie

Private Message added 2010-06-14

NameBill Majeska
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MessageKraan-Diamonds is another strong album.
We are lucky to have this band around today! smilie

Nameans. KAJA
MessageWe love your music and all the attitude, so we really hope to see you in ESTONIA, so we can jam and make sandwiches

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MessageKRAAN am 12.03.2010 in Beverungen
In Beverungen erwartet alle KRAAN-Fans zum 30-jährigen Jubiläum der Rockkonzerte in der Beverunger Stadthalle eine besondere Überraschung. Vor genau 30 Jahren war KRAAN bereits zum ersten Auftritt in Beverungen. Gestern gab es die Zusage, dass ein SPECIAL GUEST mit den Kraanichen auf der Bühne sein wird. Ein Teil des Konzerts, ca. das letzte Drittel, wird KRAAN wieder zu viert sein - Grüße aus Berlin

Namedaniel svita
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Messagepeter on the drum kit, looking good! so weit,wheres the strat!,peter your still my fave axe man!keep makin the the music,im a daily listener

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