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NameRobert Noir
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Messagedon't know what to say.Let's just say since 197? I still cannot stop loving Holiday am Matterhorn and Sarah's Ritt. thanks,

Namehellmut hattler
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Messagedear michael,

thank you for your constant KRAAN support and another year of the famous "deutsch-dänische freundschaft"! fröhliche weihnachten for you and your family!


Namemichael bohn
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MessageHi schueiler
I have not heard about any plans, and I think it would require some kind of invitation.

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MessageReally love the band.
Do you know if there are any tour dates for America? NYC/Philly area

NameMichael Lund
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MessageDear Guestbook

I know that only few tickets are available for the Helnæs Mikrofestival concert, but my brother and I are longtime fans of Kraan and Helmut Hattler.

We heard them initially at the Roskilde Festival in 1975 and several times after that in Copenhagen in the 70es and early 80es. In 2003 we drove to a small place called Lola just outside Hamburg for a fantastic Hattler-concert.

We would very much like to repeat that experince! Could we possibly buy two tickets for Helnæs?

Yours Michael Lund

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MessageMed lidt held kan du ellers se Kraan på Helnæs i Danmark 27. august. Tror du virkelig at grænsen lukker?

NameJens Schreckenswert
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MessageIch habe dieses morgens, schön wie alle Freitags, gesehen dass mein lieber Kraan immer noch Kräänst!
- Aber im Bad Neustat und nirgendwo in nahe der Deutsch-Dänischer Grenze.
What a drag.
Couldn't you please light up the dreary days along the soon-to-be-closed border?

Namemichael bohn
MessageHej ole helms knudsen smilie
skriv en mail til mig. den står nederst på forsiden af smilie

NameOle Helsm Knudsen
MessageHey KRAAN.

If there any tickets i would like 4.

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MessageHallo Mr. Bohn,
this KRAAN Documentation is great.
I like it.
Dont stop doing this.
Best Wishes from Ulm

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