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MessageI visit this site frequently.Drum has done important work for Karen Literature.The only problem is that not every Karen is able to update the modern Karen(e.g new technical terms, usage).

NameNaw Show Ei Ei Tun
MessageYou are doing a very important work for the survival and development of Karen language, cultural and literature in the age of globalization when indigenous languages are on the verge of extinction. I'm very impressed with your work. Keep up the good work.

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MessageHello! My Karen People.
I am Marner. I live in Sydney, Australia.
Before, I didn't come to Australia, I lived in Nu Poe Refugee camp.
Best wish all my Karen People.
From - Saw Mar Ner smilie smilie smilie

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MessageNice Nice Nice!!!!

NameCho2japan ( OKOJ )
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MessageI am in Japan and a member of the overseas Karen organization Japan , the newly found organization.
I just found your site as I am searching all Karen websites.
It is good we have news network like yours.
Yours thanksfully,
Cho2 smilie

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MessageThanks for your downloadable e book.Especially those karen language ones.Thanks again and keep it up. smilie

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NameMarianne Bailey
MessageAfter much searching on the Internet, I came across your sight. We are helping a number of Karen people who have just arrived in Canada and I am trying to teach them some English. I would like to find some translations of words so I am excited to see your site.

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MessageI am delighted to have discovered Drum Publications and its web site! This summer I spent a month in Thailand as part of a college study abroad program. We had the opportunity to stay with Karen people in Ban Huay Hee in Thailand's Mae Hong Son province for a brief period.

One of my friends from the trip is currently working with Karen refugees. Fortunately, the two of us hunted down some Sgaw Karen language learning materials while we were in Thailand, and we have just begun learning the basics together. I anticipate that Drum Publications will be a valuable resource to both of us, and I hope we can make some Karen immigrants feel at home the way the people of Ban Huay Hee did for us.

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