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MessageThank you so much for this website! I am an English as a Second Language teacher for adult refugees. Many of my students are Karenni. The information here will help so much in my classroom!

NameSaw Nay Soe
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Messagesmilie smilie smilie Hello
This is Saw Nay Soe from Karen state part of Myanmar. I was so glad that I found this English to Karen translation on Google and it assists me a lot with my study. I finally would like to thank everyone who invented this website and I appreciate your effort that you have devoted to make this. smilie smilie smilie

NameKaren LeBlanc-Brotzler
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MessageHi. I am a nurse
I have the privilege of working with countless numbers of refugee families. It's an honor to be invited into their homes. I've been working with Karen families for over 16 years.
Ta blue doh ma. Karen

NameAnnika Marsh
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MessageHi! I am a young person in America who went on a trip around Chiang Mai in 2016. I haven't been able to go back yet, so I often feel stranded here in America. Yes, I still get to talk over social media, but the language gap is only worse over the phone. All in all, I love and miss Karen culture, people, and the beautiful language. I'm so glad I finally found this resource! Thank you for all of your work, Drum Publishing!

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MessageThank you so much for this site! Helping me translate and communicate with my Karen friends has been made possible by the help from this site. I reference it daily... keep up the good work! smilie

NameJoon Xi Poe
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MessageI come from Umpiem Mai camp. I now live in Taiwan so not many Karen people live here. This site helps my coworkers to understand my language better. They have hard time understanding my English so this help them very much.

Thank you Drum Publication!! smilie

NameChit Ye
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MessageThank you for this website. I am very delighted to see people's interests in karen. Although this is sgaw karen, it is very useful to learn it since many in my church are karen & I cannot speak with most of them in English. I am half poe karen & thai so Drum Publication Group helps me when I'm having conversation with friends. Thank you! smilie

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MessageHi everyone, my name is kor and I was from Ma La Oo Camp-section 10 smilie
I just want to take a moment and thanks everyone who made this site accessible for us. I really appreciate it. Most of the time I used this site to read the old tales, stories, Karen history and many more. It makes it easier to use this site instead of carrying the actual book. I also refer a couple non-English speaker to use this site to learn Karen basis word, I think you guy did a great job with that. If I teach them Karen we might end up with more confusion. Again, thank you for all your time and effort for combining this wonderful dictionary and many more. I am forever grateful.

NameKawLar Dah
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MessageHello, My name is KawLar M. Dah
The reason I'm signing the guestbook is because I would like to appreciate the Drum Publication Group with their hard work. I often use this website to look up words in Karen. Sometime when a friend asked me to explain English word into Karen, I would use the dictionary here. I understood in English, but didn't know what it was called in Karen. So this website was very helpful and I really like it. Also, I had ordered three books using the link here. I wanted to learn more about my people and also practice my Karen. I hope that in the future, I would be able to meet the Drum Publication Group smilie smilie

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