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NameNicky O'Brien
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MessageThis site is fantastic!! I am a secondary school teacher who has an EALD Karin speaking student. I am soooo glad to have found this.

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Messageim a karen,i use to live refugee camp 2,i just love ready y'all message and god bless y'all

NameSaw Hser
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MessageI realise that this Group is very good for our generation and future generation as well.

I wish all of the worker, members and the people who are using this website " A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year" May God Bless you all.


NameWin Mi Aung
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MessageHey ya'll. My name is Win Aung and I'm 20 years old, I'm from Mae La refugee camp. I'm a 2nd year student in Salt Lake Community College as well as the one who is looking to reactivate my reading in Karen. By learning to speak, write and read in English for 9 years, I realized I have lost the abilities to read and write in Karen. This Website is a great place to refresh your forgotten ability or just want to learn Karen for the first time.

NameSaw Joshua
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MessageI hope this message find you well.I have been NZ for 4 years. I am a skaw Karen and my wife is East poe Karen. I have three children.
I love my Karen people so I preach in Karen Language and as well as a Karen language teacher. I also work as cross cultural worker for NZ red cross. I am a church leader and support my Karen community in health care issue and spiritual growing area.
Drum publication Group, you are my respected people.
your pages are benefit for all Karen people. smilie smilie smilie smilie

NameZane Evans
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MessageI am a missionary and we use the resources on this website all the time. The resources help us speak karen even better and understand their language clearer and their culture

NameTzaims Luksus, FRSA
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MessageI have recently lived among the Karen in the Village of Laytongku and am interested in learning the dialect and proper Karen language as they speak so I can better communicate with them when I return this winter 2017-2018. My village host family and I exchanged words in Karen and English and I realized they wished to learn English. I am not certain if they speak Sgaw, Poe or P'wa Karen or a mixture of all three. I also wish to know the culture and traditions of the pure Karen Animist faith so that I do not offend in any way. I am an NPR (no particular religion) and have studied Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Hindi as well as the philosophies of Buddhism and Hinduism. I do not intend to influence religion in any way but to learn from the Karen of Laytongku their traditions. Can anyone help me better understand them? I believe they are of the Kelachon (Kelakan) sect of Animist Karen. smilie

NameChristine Jernigan
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MessageA student of mine told me about this website and I am so impressed. I wish you the best as you work to preserve a beautiful culture.

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MessageI'm karen and working with the karen and language literacy developer,because many work in karen do not appear in other language,also many English we use in the same translation, but do not make sense. Many Time we found missed interpreting and do not help full for people who need help.I use drum public as comparison to make sure karen language and other languages get translate appropriately.

Namehsar thein
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MessageGood Day all!
I'm a Karen student who use to lived in camp and came to Australia 7 years ago.
this website is awesome I learning and still using to improve my second English vocabulary and more also I showed my other friends to using this page very useful. my boss's love it!

Hsar smilie

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