Searching O'Rourke, MCHugh, HODick, and DOYle.

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NameMichael J O'Rourke
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MessageIt looks like we are related. My grandfather was Christopher O'Rourke, born 1893, married to Elizabeth (Bessie) Kearney born 1897, married 1923. All in Pittston. Their chlidren: Mary 1924, William 1926, Christopher 1929, Paul 1930 were all born in Pittston. All have passed. Paul was my father. Chris, Bessie and all the kids moved to Buffalo in 1940 or 41. I believe my O'Rourke great grandparents were Christopher and Bridget (Lyonet) O'Rourke. I think they were the first generation born in USA in Pittston. If you have more information on their ancestry I would like to know...
The Dolye name is also related, not by blood that I know of. My great aunt was Katherine (Kitty Kearney) Doyle. She was born about 1895. As I recall they lived in West Pittston. The Kearney's old house was on Tedrick Street in Pittston from about 1875 through mid 1960s. I believe the Kearneys moved from Philadelphia to Pittston.
I welcome any corrections or additions that you may have. Regards, Michael O'ROURKE

NameDonna Tighe Dunn
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MessageIs there ever anyone on here?

NameDonna Tighe Dunn
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MessageGuess I finally found my Dad's family. The information from Linda confirms it. Only took sixty five years to figure this out.

NameSusan Joyce
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MessageColleen, I just happened to see your blog on line and need to tell you that my grandfather was Francis Doyle from Pittston, PA, born in the 1880's (1886?). My mother was his daughter Catherine Doyle (b. 02/19/1923, d. 07/12/2013). He worked in the coal mines and was actually killed in a mining accident around 1941. She also talked about an Aunt Mame. When she and Dad married, they even stayed with the Tighe's in Chicago while Dad was getting settled in a US Postal Service job. My father was Leo Sinnwell born in Ionia, IA on 06/02/1920, died in Waterloo, IA on 10/25/1972. I am the oldest of 10 siblings. We did not know my Mother's family as we grew up in Iowa. Her and Dad met in Washington, DC during WWII. She would tell us stories about Pittston and her family. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to have more information. I currently live in Northern, VA and would love to meet some of my mother's relatives. All of her family is deceased. Her mother's name was Ann (or Anne) Joyce. It sounds like we are cousins of some type!
Thank you for doing the research.
Susan Joyce

NameKristi Sifuentes
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MessageI've recently began to search for information on my family tree. But, the information I have to start with is very minimal. I hope that I can find useful tips on your site to help me. smilie

NameAmy Urman
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I nominated you for the Ancestor Approved award. Please see my April 9th post for more information and to copy the award to your blog. Hope you are all settled and moved in!

NameSean SeZton
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MessageI'd like to subscribe (RSS) to your feed, but you don't seem to have a link to the RSS feed. Maybe I'm missing it, but I don't see it mentioned anywhere on the blog. Can you publish the URL of your RSS feed so that people can subscribe to it in a reader?

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MessageMy g-g-grandfather is Christopher Tighe married Cathrine Manning from New York (with Elizabeth New Jersey connections.) They both were born around 1860. I can't located them anywhere. Do you by any chance have any information on them.
Thank you. Stacy
P.O. Box 114, Kent, WA 98035-0114.
My dad's name is Andrew Sheridan, grandfather Leo S.Sheridan and his father is Leo.
My dad is retired Military from Brklyn, New York. Flatbush area.

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NameTheresa Yankoski Wyzinski
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MessageHi Colleen. What a beautiful site! I was just searching Nanticoke, PA and your site came up.
I was born and raised in Nanticoke. I still live by it. A few names you had on your site are familiar to me. McCue, Gorski, and Posluszny all belonged to my family church there, St. Mary's. Cynthia McCue and Donna Posluszny were good friends of mine. smilie

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