Searching O'Rourke, MCHugh, HODick, and DOYle.

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MessageHello Colleen,
My name is Linda & my great grandfather was Peter Doyle from Pittston, Pa. He was the brother of John, Francis, Johanna, William, Alice, James, Margaret and Mame. I guess we are related! Here is what I know. Peter married Agnes McAndrew and lived at 141 Cornelia St. in Pittston. He was born April 22, 1870 & died June 9, 1945. All we know about John is that he was born on Dec. 25, 1864 in the district of Birkenhead, County of Chester in Ireland. Their parents Willam and Mary Dever Doyle were married on January 18, 1864 in Birkenhead at Chapel of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. At the time of their marriage, William lived at 340 Price St. & Mary Dever at 28 Field St both in Birkenhead. He was a dock laborer. William died April 1, 1887 & is buried at St. John the Evangelist cemetery in Pittston, Pa. William's father was John Doyle, a boilmaker, & Mary Dever's father was Peter. Margaret worked in New York City at a hat shop & may have owned it. She had 2 children that died young. Mame lived in Chicago as well as her children. Alice is buried at St. Josph cemetery in Toms River, NJ. Johanna married Thomas Horan & her nick name was Aunt Birdie. She died in Sept. 1964 & is buried at St. Mary's Help of Christians cemetery in Pittston. She had 3 children. Francis had 2 children, Joe & Mary Catherine. William had 3 children. James was born Aug. 15, 1873. To confuse matters there may have been another Doyle brother,Michael,born March 31, 1882.

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MessageWOW! It is a good blog. I just find it from globeofblogs. I am not a big blogs fan, but your blog is good, thank you.

Namejim hodick
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Messagewilkes-barre ,pa. i have/had an aunt vesta who was married to a kinney? up niagra falls somewhere. my father francis, not long before he died, mentioned he found out we were related to nahodils (spelling is probably incorrect). my grandfather was joseph hodick, and his father i "think" was edward hodick. anyhow if any of this rings a bell or sounds familiar e-mail me. i would be interested to know. jim hodick

NameJeanne Waldron Parziale
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MessageFound the Butka's on Zaba - (name, location and phone nbr edited and saved offline) for what that's worth - can't hurt to give them a try - they were very well known there and caring folk.

NameJeanne Waldron Parziale
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MessageDear Colleen - FINALLY I found out "who I am" and got to read your blog.
When we lived in CT we had a wonderful bakery owned by a former Nanticote, PA couple. I'll go on Zaba and see if I can still find them alive.
Their name was Butka and they had a son who was a police officer there.
Have you tried that zaba site? I am having a great time with it.
Try it - you'll like it! Let me know what you think.

NameJeanne Waldron Parziale
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MessageI am eager to meet other people looking for our long lost kin. Mine are the Waldrons, Godsons, Dimonds, Mooneys, Tighes. Mostly Irish (some English) - I believe ALL came her via NYC. We have included Molloys, McGraths, Traceys, and a few Italians along the way smilie

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MessageHey there, cuz! Wish I had the skills to put up a site like yours. Lokk forward to working with you on our Doyle connexion.

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NameMary Kaye
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Messagesmilie Hi Colleen,

If you combine my husband's last name and my maiden name you get McStiff. But strangely, my husband won't switch to that! Go figure ....

Mary Kaye smilie

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