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Namecara mengatasi mata minus
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MessageThanks for share ;-)

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MessageGreetings from a MAD Magazine and Alfred E. Neuman memorabilia collector from Switzerland!
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Please visit my MAD magazine collector's site at and take a journey through thousands of eye-catching MAD collectibles.

By the way I'm always looking for MAD collectibles from all over the world. Please mail me if you have something special to sell or trade at [email protected]

NameMaddy Zimms
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MessageLove this guy's comics! LOved college!

Tom Turczynski--in MKE in March?

NameMaddy Zims
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MessageHey Tom T. from Arizona, yet still annoying us in MKE-- aren't you like 40?

dude, did your mom dump that guy she hooked? She;s now going by her first last name Jung on MyFace.

Why are you and your mom in the main photoframe on your page?!

U need 2 get married and have kids bro. 2 much going bck in time. u seem creepy a bit.

Maddy Z.

NameMorten B. Helland
MessageThanks, Kathinka! smilie

MessageHaha.. lenge siden jeg har vaert innpaa siden din naa, men maa bare si at d har noen morsomme striper :D Sitter i Tailand og ler smilie

NameMorten B. Helland
MessageThanks for your comment, someone! smilie

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Messagehey :D your series are really funny! i enjoy reading them

hope you get your own magazine one day :3

-love from me smilie

NameMorten B. Helland
MessageThanks for your comments, Silver, James and Caroline. And good to hear from you, Brian. Hope you're still cartooning too.

And of course a big hi to my good buddy Tom. Ah yes, rum and coke... smilie

NameBrian Hughes
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MessageGood to see you're still alive and cartooning Morton!

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