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NameTom Turczynski
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MessageYo Mort,

Bacardi and cokes anyone ??? Hey it's Tom in the states dropping u a line my man !! Write back soon dude, it's been too long since we've been in contact, I think May of 1989....when we both grad-jee-adid frum kolledge, tho we've emailed here and there. What ya been up to lately my friend ??

Write back soon dude !!
Tom from Milwaukee, but still living in Phoenix, AZ !! smilie

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MessageName: Agha Dilbar(deserves for the noble peace prize)
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Location: Lahore, Pakistan
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NameCaroline O'Regan
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Messagevery good really did make me smilie

NameJames Spence
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MessageHey mate,

I remember your strip from around about the year 2001. I used to like reading it on one on the webcomic sites (I forget which one now). You may remember my strip which started about the same time (Dr Sheep and the Aardvark), or you may not, who knows?! Anyway, good to see you're still going strong.

All the best,


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MessageStill addicted... Well.. yeah.. Still as addicted as the very first time I read it, YEARS ago. Hmm *growing old*

Private Message added 2006-06-27

NameMorten B. Helland
MessageThanks for your comments, Lunacia, Velvetraven and Silver! smilie New strip is now up!

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MessageNew strip? Soon? Pretty please? I can only read the old ones so many times.. I need another fix soon. smilie

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MessageHello Morten!

Always a big pleasure reading your stuff. Funny! Lovin' it when you make fun of Bush, women in fur, and of course all the strange and funny situations happening when man meets/join woman or vice verca. Looking forward to new strips coming up. Keep up the good work!

And by the way - thanks for last time, meeting up with our goth-friends. Very nice evening. Hope to see you and the others again soon.

Hugs smilie

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MessageI'm looking forward to your next strip! I hope it'll not take too long. smilie

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