Say hey to Jody and Zachary!
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MessageI enjoyed our email exchange this week and loved reading your entries in your blog. It sounds like Ben & Jerry's ice cream still tastes good -- I hope that this and other small pleasures continue.

Lots of good thoughts coming your way.


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NameNeil Grossman
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MessageHey Jody (ok ... you, too, Zach)!

Glad to catch up with Jody today ... as always, you were funny and inspiring. Will keep in touch ... let me know if you are in the market for more hats ... the boys love to pick out hats (granted, 95% are sports-related, but still ...)


NameJulie Evan Smith
MessageJody, Zach,

Julie Smith here. I know I don't know the two of you all that well. But I must say this:

I love you both. Your humor, resolve, courage, cheekiness (is that a word? if so, I'm sure I misspelled it), and your orange panties!


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NameHope Murtaugh
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MessageHi, guys. Jody, I don't even know you, but your writing makes me feel as though I do. We are "BC" sisters, at any rate! Best of luck and hugs,
Hope (Allred) Murtaugh
(One of Zach's Triangle friends from Princeton)

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MessageBonjour Jody & Zach,
Thinking about you every single day!
Day less to go.

Namerichard luck
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MessageCongratulations on the eruption, I hope it will prove fruitful. Thinking of you both.
Lisa and Richard

Private Message added 2006-02-05

MessageGreetings 1st floorers,
I am finally getting a chance to digest your blog. Kudos for writing for yourselves, friends, family and the unknown friends you are making through your insight, silliness and ongoing story.
So when this 5 baby thing happens, does that mean we will be feeding them when you go out of town in addition to the cats? If so, more cookies please.
Thanks for being the best landlords ever and continuing to include us in your world.
See you in the halls.

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