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MessageBonjour Jody & Zach,
Happy & Healthy 2009!!! We wish you only the very best!!!!
We are thinking about you so often. Life is still the same here in NY, except that 2 exceptional individuals left for the West Coast. Good luck in LA!
Keep in touch!!!

NameAnn (Riley) Schoenfeld
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MessageHello Jodi-I just discovered your blog about your Dad's birthday and wanted to reach out.Today 4/15 is my Mom's 77th birthday, and my Dad passed away this past Oct.,and I was saddened to hear of your father's passing as well-it's been a tough emotional year with a lot of other things going on too.I randomly read through some of your amazing blogs & came across the one from Aug where you seriously questioned the notion "Cancer is the best thing"-and I want to say amen to people like you who "get it".When people are suffering the last thing you want to tell them is that they've actually won the lottery,they just don't know it yet.I would love to hear from you Jodi, I always admired your spirit and was sorry we lost touch. Take care - Ann Schoenfeld (was Ann Riley - Steve & I were married in July)

NameJoel London
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MessageHi Jody,
I don't believe you know me, but I'm your distant cousin. Your grandpa Julie and my grandma Gertie are/were siblings. My dad, Jerry London, told me about your father's death. I never had the privilege of meeting him, but I read his obituary that you authored and some of your blogs you posted around that time (as well as many others). Your father seemed like an honorable man, and I'm sure he is greatly missed. Please accept my belated condolences.
I would also like to say that once I started reading your blogs, I noticed what a beautiful writer you are. After I read several of your blogs, I couldn't help but to google you. Through my search I... saw you on TV, saw your apartment building (from several views), saw many articles mentioning you/containing writings by you, met your husband, learned about his actress mom who was recently in "Live Free or Die Hard" w/ Bruce Willis... the list goes on. I hope you're not weirded out:)
In short, I wanted say hello, send my condolences, applaud you for your courage and strength in your battles with breast cancer, and wish your husband's finger speedy recovery.
Joel, Maria (my wife), & Emmett (our 14 mo. old son) London

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NameEmily Epstein
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MessageJust wanted to send my love.

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Namewendy murray
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MessageHello Jody-

This fancy blog floors me every time a sign on. It's so great. Are you really going to get this

I have been a but remiss in checking in over the last few weeks. Typical summer craziness, some travel for work & Pete and I are working on adoption plans for a second child
( I have had 2 miscarraiges in the past 6 months, which sucks) ( I guess if Zach is reading this he is now quickly hopping off! Talk about too much information, but remember Zach we are girlfriends from way back and can say anything, even if it's in an E-mail)Sounds like you're getting your body back into shape after the surgery. Keep at your rehab though I'm sure its hard without your therapist there. I am not one to talk, I can barely make it to the gym and when I do I am on the machines hating every waking moment of it.

Just read your bit on estrogen. I know it's not too funny to be having this problem, but God you sure make it hysterical. I'm telling you, drop the Journalism stuff and audition for Last Comic Standing.

Anyway, please know that you are in my prayers every night. (Matthew's too) He says "God bless Jody and make her all better. Who is she again?" Talk about comedy; the kid comes out with some winners.

My company is putting together a team for the making strides against breast cancer walk in NYC on Oct 15th. I plan on going and I'll be thinking of you.

Lots of love and prayers, Wendy

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