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NameMr Jackson
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NameFaye Johanson
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MessageAlcoholic Dyke?

NameHostel Lover
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MessageHostel Living? Oh, how far you have fallen! Well, I'm sure some new man will step up to pay the bills.

MessageRidiculous blog overflowing with the completely self-indulgent idea that we should all absolutely and universally care about your trivial tragedies and personal shortcomings. Ugh....the worst of the internet. Hubby was right to kick you to the curb.


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MessageLoving your wonderings!

NameEva Gallant
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MessageGreetings from Maine, USA!

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MessageI read your article re your visit to Cyprus. It was nicely writen but something tells me that you do not know the real facts and the history of the island, nor what has been going on since the Turkish invasion of 1974. Nevertherles I enjoyed it.

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